The Indian Reconquest of 907-9 was a short, one-sided war when the King Grios Force invaded India and the Domes created the Empire of Domucc at the end of the war.


After the Chinese Reconquest, the new empire under Consteto pledged to reunite all of the Sicans around the world. The first step in doing this was the King Grios Force.

The Domes were in desperate need of a home. Consteto issued the first military action of the King Grios Force to be in aiding the Domes to find a new home.


The new military of over 500,000 soldiers first saw action in India in 907. This army swept through India, killing up to one million Indian soldiers and civilians. It captured Delhi in 909, thus ending the war.


When Delhi was captured, the city was burned and a new town, New Delhi, was built by the Domes. It was the capital of the new Empire of Domucc.

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