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Indian Rebellion (Raj Karega Khalsa)

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Indian Rebellion





Flag of Imperial India British India


Indian Victory. Second Maratha Empire formed, Second Mughal Empire formed, various other countries formed in South Asia.


British Indian Army Rebel Sepoys
Flag of the Maratha Empire Maratha Forces
Flag of the Mughal Empire Mughal Forces
Indian Civilians
ALY Sikh Empire/Khalistan

Flag of the United Kingdom British Empire and their loyalist sepoys
Flag of Nepal Nepal


Bakht Khan
Flag of the Maratha Empire Nana Sahib
Flag of the Maratha Empire Rani Lakshmibai
Flag of the Maratha Empire Tantya Tope
Flag of the Mughal Empire Bahadur Shah II
ALY Narinder Singh

Flag of the United Kingdom George Anson (to May 1857)
Flag of the United Kingdom Patrick Grant
Flag of the United Kingdom Colin Campbell (from August 1857)
Flag of Nepal Jang Bahadur Rana

Casualties and Losses

The Indian Rebellion of 1857, also called the Great Rebellion, the Indian Mutiny, the Revolt of 1857, the Uprising of 1857 or the Sepoy Mutiny, began as a mutiny of sepoys of the British India's army in the Presidency of Bengal on 10 May, 1857 revolted against their British officers. The rebellion soon spread throughout South Asia and the British were driven out of India.

India in 1858 (Raj Karega Khalsa)

Map after the rebellion, note the Sikh Empire, Bhutan, and Nepal were independent nations before the rebellion.

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