The Indian League is a political and military alliance between the free states of the lands of India. It was created in response to foreign aggression claiming Indian lands, and is specifically designed to oppose foreign aggression against any nations of India. It was first formally recognized as a political organization in the Treaty of Delhi.

Indian League
Emblem of the Indian League
Emblem of the Indian League
Active 1458 - Present
Allegiance India
Type League
Size over ten million
Diplomatic center Delhi
Mascot The Bengali Tiger
Engagements War for Indian Hegemony
Bengali representative Sultan-i-Salais III
Marwari representative Rao Raja Singh





Previous issues can be found on the Archive page.

The Unity of India

The nations of Gwalior, Gondwana, Bastar, Khandesh, Malwa, Mewar, Gujarat, Kozhikode, Venead and Kathiawar have forsaken us as brothers. They have left us to our own devices and shattered the unity of the Indian League by withdrawing on baseless and petty reasons without so much as a discussion. India is divided, naked and open to foreign exploitation and foreign invasion now that what was once one, is two. We cannot allow this to continue, for the sake of India in the present, and the sake of India in the future. Thereby, I wish to invoke the Treaty of Jaunpur, where all the rationally, like-minded, and brotherly Indian states decided to not only continue their friendship, prosperity, and overall goals, but established that "India must be a united force at all costs, and should never be divided for whatever reasons", which all current states in the League have agreed to. It is whatever cost that we must take over our lead brothers lands to show their people true unity, true rationality, true prosperity, and true friendship. and evict the leaders who seek division and rivalry above all else. India will not long be a divided place, but one place, led by many, ruled by all. "Bhārata kē bhaviṣya kē li'ē!"

Member Decisions:

لیگ تفصیلات/ Līga vivaraṇa (League Details)

Over the past decades, the League has been met with strife again and again. Each time, vagueness of the League has only escalated the strife, or directly led to conflicts of misunderstandings or misinterpretation of League Intentions, League Rules, and League Processes. In order to clarify the wants, the rules and the processes of the League, this proposal has been made by the Urdustani Emperor: (Proposals = Rules)

  1. The League's purpose and Intentions are:
    • Preserve the just sovereignty of League nations that do not conflict with League proposals, ideals, and intentions.
    • Ensure the unity of India in regards to foreign and domestic threats that conflict with League proposals, Ideals and intentions.
    • Ensure prosperity of a united India in regards to foreign and domestic threats that conflict with League proposals, ideals and intentions.
    • Justly punish League and Foreign nations that violate League proposals, ideals and intentions.
    • Defend and Aid their brothers in just causes that advance India, one of its religions, its people and/or its culture.
  2. New League Rules (Should one of these conflict with previous proposals, these are to be seen as replacing / adding to / superseding)
    • League members shall repay their debts to other League members in order to preserve the economic structure, and honor of the League and its members.
    • League members shall be allowed to war against or show force against other League nations, SO LONG AS, the cause is just and does not conflict with League rules previously established, meaning that the only reason to war against a League member is for them to violate League rules, proposals, and intentions.
    • League members may not submit themselves to vassalize, or puppet status to foreign nations, lest they be seen as violating the anti-foreign aggression, the aggression being attempted control of India, and aiding the perceived enemy. This is to ensure an India for the Indians.
    • League nations may enter protectorate status, on the understanding that protectorate status will be set on the equal terms of League and foreign nation, and that the League nation shall not compromise direct sovereignty, nor will foreign presence be overwhelmingly present.
    • Succession or inheritance of thrones, titles, land, and other national items shall be recognized by all League states as just, unavoidable, and legitimate, in order to ensure proper legal and proper transfer of titles that is to expected.
    • Rebellious states shall not be recognized by the League if they rebel for reasons that do not conform to League ideals, intentions, or proposals.
    • Religious acceptance shall become mandatory. There will be no forced conversion of any League nation, there shall be no holy wars, and there shall be no attempt to impose ones state religion over another states.
  3. Sovereignty/Independence of League state
    • League states that are currently vassals have been vassalize for just reasons and is not a cause for concern.
    • Each League nation shall be assured sovereignty and independence that will be recognized and protected by its fellow League nations.
    • League nations that attempt to break League rules or intentions, under any circumstances, shall forfeit their protected sovereignty and independence and be subject to either war to restore what they have attempted to take/break, or expulsion from the League, and discontinued recognition of claims or exploits.
  4. Admittance/Expulsion of League States
    • New League nations shall be decided upon vote through proposal by all Indian League nations, with arguments from both sides as to why they should or should not be admitted into the League.
    • New League nations will immediately recognize all rules, regulations, intentions, and ideals of the League, as well as claims and other items of concern brought at the moment of their proposal vote.
    • League nations can be expelled due to an inability to follow League rules, regulations, ideals and proposals, or their continued disregard for rules, regulations, ideals and proposals.

Member Decisions:

ایک غیر قانونی بغاوت/Ēka avaidha vidrōha (An Illegal Rebel)

As voted on by the League, the actions of the rebels in Vijayganara, overthrowing their government in favor of anarchy, refusing to recognize just succession laws, and being a rebellious state that refuses to recognize and conform to League Laws, Regulations, and Intentions, the Urdustani Emperor hereby asks that all League nations, should they believe in just succession laws, should they denounce rebellions, and should they wish to continue to act together as a League, that they would join the Urdustani Emperor in fighting these rebels for breaking so much to gain so little.

Member Decisions:

ہماری نظر انداز بھائی / Hamārā dhyāna nahīṁ diyā bhā'iyōṁ (Our Ignored Brothers)

We are the Indian League. We protect and maintain a brotherhood with our fellow Indians. However, it has become apparent, during a war in سری لنکا / Śrīlaṅkā (Sri Lanka), that we have ignored our brothers. Let us now add sheep back to the flock, for our brothers in Raigama shall be ignored no longer! We shall let them into the League, and we shall stand united in India in the face of possible foreign threats, and all that stands against the brotherhood of India!

  • Bengal: EiplecOco
  • Sindh: Yes (Mod Response)
  • Dhundhar: Yes (Mod Response)
  • Jaunpur: Yes (Mod Response)
  • Jaisalmer: Yes (Mod Response)
  • Marwar: Yes (Mod Response)
  • Bahamani: Yes (Mod Response)
  • Oriss: EiplecOco
  • Kamarumpa: Eiplec - ಠ_ಠ (talk)
  • Suri Empire: Yes (Mod Response)
  • Multan: Yes (Mod Response)
  • Ladakh: Yes (Mod Response)
  • Kangra: Yes (Mod Response)
  • Emirate of Afghanistan:
  • Delhi: Yes (Mod Response)
  • Vijaynagar: "SO SAYETH THE EAGLE" - Fascist Eagle ಠ_ಠ (talk)

قرض کی واپسی/R̥ṇa kī cukautī (Repayment of the Loans

On behalf of the nations of Multan, Ladakh, Kangra, Dhundar, and Sindh, we create this proposal at their request. Recently, these nations have been reported to be struggling economically, and their nobles and even lower-castes are restless with the lack of funds. They have requested that the nation of Urdustan, under the شرافت کی کونسل/Baṛappana kī pariṣada (Council of Nobility) create this proposal because it puts a better face upon it. These nations request that all loans between the League nations be immediately paid, and forceful seizure of these funds will be necessary if not repaid in full or willingly.

Member Decisions:

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