Indian Kingdoms
OTL equivalent: India
Indian kingdoms
Location of Indian Kingdoms
' Delhi
Language Tibetan-Burman and hindu
Hindu. (80%)
  others Islam (20%)
Demonym Dian
Government Monarchy
  legislature King
Population 4,560,000 
Currency Gold
  Indian kingdoms are four separate Kingdoms that were all founded around 400 A.D  and later they got invaded and taken over by Pakistan in 1501.

foreign relations

Eastern Kingdom of Huntka

The four Indian Kingdoms typically have a good relationship with E.K.H but they do have some fights politicaly - especialy over border area.


The two countries have a bad relationship and have faced many battles against each other.


China has a small trade route with them which was called off in 1501.

Indian kingdoms

indian kingdoms in 1498

Politics and law

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