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Indian House Election 2012 (Vive l'Emperor)

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The election was held between May 23 - May 30 2012, with results being announced on May 31st. The election saw President Subrata Gandhi's New Gandhist party secure a huge landslide, winning 65% of seats. The election also saw the traditional opposition of the National Party fall apart due to campaigning on a similar platform to the New Gandhists.

The alliance for socialism, formed from dissaffected former Gandhists and the communist representatives suffered heavy losses.

Many opinion polls predicted no overall majority.

Date New Gandhist Socialist Alliance National Party True Gandhism United Democrat Communists
20/5/12 35% 20% 20% 10% 10% 5%

Party Popular Vote Percentage Seats Before Seats After Seat Change
New Gandhist 313,943,388 54.18 289 505 +216
Alliance for Socialism 89,210,748 15.39 268 97 -171
United Democratic Front 82,002,519 14.15 90 94 +4
True Gandhism for India 44,227,697 7.63 - 58 +58
National Party of India 37,477,073 6.47 103 19 -84
Communist Party of India 12,631,500 2.18 0 2 +2
Total 579,492,925 100 750 775

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