The Indian Federation
Timeline: Fascist Coup Britain

OTL equivalent: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Burma
Capital New Delhi
Largest city Bombay
Other cities Calcutta, Madras, Karachi, Dhaka, Rangoon, Colombo
Language English
Legislature Parliament
Governor General
Prime Minister
Area 4,292,344 km²
Population 1,630,660,000 
Independence date
Currency Indian Rupee

The Indian Federation is a nation on the Indian Subcontinent.


The Federation was established following the fall of the United Kingdom in order to prevent the subcontinent falling into anarchy as a result of the power vacuum created and the attempts of both the Hindu and Muslim population's to fill this vacuum. In the midst of this instability elections were held for the inaugural Legislative Assembly which resulted in a highly unstable hung Parliament, leading to highly contentious coalition negotiation followed by snap elections later in the year. Whilst the snap elections also produced an unstable hung Parliament, the outbreak of the Second World War eased negotiations owing to the sense of national unity it brought, leading to the formation of a government of national unity.


Whilst Indian politics have traditionally been dominated by the Indian National Congress (INC), however, regional and minority interest parties have also held significance owing to the system of separate seats for minority groups, such as India's Muslim population.

The Federation contains a multitude of sub-divisions with the two main forms being Provinces and Princely States, all Provinces have an elected assembly which also elects that provinces members of the Senate whilst within the Princely States there is a much greater degree of variation within the political systems, with some largely adopting the system used in provinces whilst others have developed there own system of government.

List of Subdivisions of India

Name Subdivision Type Assembly Last Election
Ajmer Merwara Province Legislative Assembly 2013
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Province Island Assembly 2015
Assam Province Legislative Assembly 2012
Baluchistan Province Legislative Assembly 2014
Bengal Province Bengal Legislative Council 2012
Bihar Province Legislative Assembly 2016
Bombay Province Bombay Legislative Council 2013
Burma Province National Assembly of Burma 2013
Central Provinces and Berar Province Legislative Assembly 2014
Ceylon Province Representative Assembly of Ceylon 2015
Coorg Province Legislative Assembly 2015
Cutch Princely State Cutch High Council 2016
Deccan Princely State Federal Assembly of the Deccan 2012
Delhi Province Legislative Assembly 2013
Gwalior Princely State Resident Assembly 2012
Hyderabad Princely State Parliament of Hyderabad 2014
Jammu and Kashmir Princely State Royal Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir 2013
Kathiawar Princely State Resident Assembly 2012
Kolhapur Princely State Resident Assembly 2015
Madras Province Madras Legislative Council 2016
Maldives Province Island Assembly 2014
Mysore Princely State Mysore Legislative Assembly 2013
North West Frontier Province Legislative Assembly 2012
Orissa Province Legislative Assembly 2015
Panth Piploda Province Legislative Assembly 2016
Punjab Province Legislative Assembly 2014
Rajputana Princely State Federal Assembly of Rajputana 2013
Sikkim Princely State State Council of Sikkim 2012
Sind Province Legislative Assembly 2015
Travancore Princely State Resident Assembly 2013
United Provinces Province Legislative Assembly 2015

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