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Indian-Muslim War (Aztec Empire)

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Indian Muslim War
Date 1957 January 14th - 1957 November 24th
LocationSouth Asia
Result Muslim victory
790,000 men,
626 tanks,
670 aircraft

Muslim Confederation:
680,000 men,
453 tanks,
602 aircraft
Military casualties:
2,812,101 killed (incluide civilians),
47,262 wounded
112 missing

Military casualties (include civilians):13,126 killed,
1383 wounded,
421 missing

Muslim Indian War

The Indian-Muslim War was a military conflict that lasted from 1957 January 14th to 1957 November 24th, it was -maybe- the conflict that could initiate the WW-III. The conflict began when the religious difference between the Muslim Co. and the Republic of India get hot. In the war, the Muslim Confederation dropped 6 nuclear warheads with the Mu-16 bomber on five Indian cities, which were both product of a nuclear program promoted by the Aztec empire, that tensed the international relations, because India was an ally of the Russian Empire, threatening to initiate a nuclear war. The war finished when the Indians surrendered to the Confederation, only one day after the nuclear attack.

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