भारत गणराज्य
Republic of Bhārat
Timeline: Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power
1931 Flag of India Emblem of India
Flag Coat of Arms
Location India (SM 3rd Power)
Location in Dark Red
Capital: New Delhi
Language: Hindi, Kannada, Tamil
Religion: Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto
Type of government: Unitary Parliamentary democracy
President: Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister: Pratibha Patil
Currency: Indian rupee

Bhārat, sometimes referred to as India, is a nation in Asia.


Samrat Hemu Chandra Vikramaditya had managed to beat the Mughal Empire in the Battle of Panipat (1556) and managed to conquer parts of other kingdoms in the Indian sub-continent until his death in 1580. His empire managed to survive under a new leader, and said leader had established the Hindu Empire. Around 1750s, however, the Hindu Empire was facing invasions by the French, though soon Japan and China came to Hindu Empire's aid and managed to fight off the French. Japan also helped the Hindu Empire conquer other kingdoms of the Indian sub-continent. Then, in 1790, Nepal declared independence from the Hindu Empire, and in 1830, the Hindu Empire changed its name to Bhārat Empire. Eventually, the Bhārat Empire helped the allies in the First and Second World Wars, and then in 1949, the Republic of Bhārat was declared.

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Naval Ensign of Japan

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