Republic of India
Bhārata Ganarājya
1947 –
Flag of the ROI Emblem of the ROI
"Thou are the ruler of minds"
Republic of India.
Capital New Delhi
Official language Hindi, English de facto
State ideology Democracy
Government Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Head of State
- 2002 –
Dr Pratiba Patel
Head of Government
- 2003 –
Prime Minister
Dr Manmohan Singh
Area 5,644,903 km² (2011)
Population 1.8 billion (2012)
Currency Rupee (INR)

The Republic of India is a country in South and Central Asia, bordering Afghanistan and Iran to the west; Republic of China to the north; Myanmar to the west; and the Indian Ocean to the south. India currently holds a superpower position and is the main leader in affairs in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.



India emerged as a strong regional power after the end of World War II with the Indian declaration of independence from the United Kingdom. It faced many immediate problems, such as Hindu-Muslim rioting everywhere and the mass migration of Hindus into India and Muslims into East and West Pakistan. It managed to handle these situations fairly well with Chinese aid, but suffered a huge setback when Gandhi got assassinated by a Pakistani Rebel. This created mass upheaval as Muslims in India began to be viewed in a bad light as they migrated into Pakistan.

Economic Growth

India was in a very bad state economically post-independence, and needed any and all aid it got. China stepped up in this task, citing both countries were democratic and in the Sino-Indian Treaty of Friendship of 1950, both nations relinquished claims to areas which they did not control and agreed to trade on a greater level, which would in time help boost both nations' economy.

War of Liberation

India strengthened its economy and military and in 1971, India met a true match when Pakistan declared war on India, due to Indian support for Bangla independence. India counterattacked the Pakistani invasion and moved inward toward the capital of Pakistan; the war ended with the occupation and annexation of Pakistan, with most people welcoming it as freedom from an oppressive government. However, extremists remained. Bangladesh did receive independence but that was short-lived. When its government collapsed, it led to talks with the runt government joining the Republic of India.

Civil War

See main article: Indian Civil War

India was engaged in a civil war between Hindu, Islam and Sikh ethnic groups in the 1980s. It started with the crack down in the Amritsar temple, ordered by the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. Sikhs took offense to it and rebelled, with the murder of Indira Gandhi by one of her Sikh bodyguards. Muslims in north India aided the Sikhs and civil war erupted. It seemed as if India would collapse, but the ROC, a long time standing ally came to its aid and Chinese and Indian troops managed to put an end to the rebellion. This led to the creation of the Indian Religious Act 1993. The war is said to have had the worst casualties of any civil war in history, with around 26 million killed. These were mostly Muslims, however.

Wars of the Middle East and the Modern Era

India helped the US and China in the Liberation of Kuwait and the 2004 Invasion of Iraq. In 2005, India was granted superpower status by the UN.


India houses the third largest economy in the world behind only China and the USA. It is the second fastest growing economy in the world. India exports a lot of metals and minerals to China while they import a lot of vehicles and military equipment from China and the US. India and China have signed a Free Trade Agreement, as did India and the US. India grows a lot of its own food and has the world's second largest population, the first being China.

International Relations

India holds International Relations with almost every country in the world, and is friendly with most of them. It was one of the founders of PITO, which has expanded to house almost all of South and East Asian countries as well as Australia and New Zealand.


See also: Indian Armed Forces


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