German Invasion

Although Britain had fallen earlier in the War, India remained under firm control of British holdouts. The Japanese had failed at attempts for to invade from Burma, being defeated at Imphal. Once the Germans had began their advance into Siberia, they then launched a campaign invading India from the Kazakh region. British forces with no support from Britain fought a losing war against German allied troops, and within weeks nearly the entire subcontinent had been subdued in 1946.

Rebellion of 48

Mahatma Gandi continued to give non Violent resistance to the German occupying forces, however the Nazis would not tolerate any type of resistance from the general population, so therefore arrested Gandhi, imprisoned him and quickly executed him in 1948. Unfortunately this caused a massive uprising throughout India with key battles being fought at Delhi, Hyderabad and Calcutta. The rebellion was finally put down by using extreme measures such as mass bombardment, guerrilla tactics and deployment of thousands of troops.

Creation of Pakistan

After the rebellion, lingered on the " two state theory" situation as the never ending violence between Muslims and Hindus continued therefore German officials decided to divide the State in 1949. An independent West and East Pakistan was created (just as in OTL with the exception all of Kashmir and the Punjab is given to Pakistan). The annexation of the Punjab by Pakistan caused thousands of Sikhs to migrate to India, while thousands chose to remain. This however caused three Sikh uprisings within the Punjab and each time was successfully put down by the Pakistan Army. The three uprisings forced the newly formed Pakistan government to expel the entire Sikh population from Pakistan permanently in 1953, with the majority of the population either migrating to India or to other countries.

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