India-North Syria relations
India North Syria
Flag of India
Flag of Syria 2011, observed
North Syria
India-North Syria relations (Hindi: भारत-उत्तर सीरिया संबंधों, Arabic: العلاقات بين الهند وشمال سوريا, French: Rupparts Inde-Syrie du Nord) are political and bilateral relations between the Republic of India and the Kingdom of North Syria. Relations are harmonious and glorious, India was one of the biggest supporters of the opposition movement against Bashar al-Assad during the Syrian Civil War - despite being former strong supporters of the Syrian Arab Republic.

India has embassies in Aleppo, Latakia and R'as al-Ayn, and North Syria has embassies in New Delhi, Mumbai and Kerala.

India was a major contributor to the building to the Royal Complex in Aleppo, sending over hundreds of skilled construction workers and contractors to help build the newly-formed nation. It also sent over $300,500,000 worth of aid and supplies to help the war-torn nation quickly recover and build from the ruins of war.

North Syria is a very popular place for Indian students, expatriates and overseas workers. Due to its liberal culture, many of the Indian overseas workers in Saudi Arabia have begun relocating to find education and employment in North Syria. North Syria currently has the third highest population of overseas Indians in the Middle East, after Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

According to a BBC World Poll Survey in 2015, about 84% of Indians see North Syrian leadership and influence positively, with 16% expressing a negative view. About 95% of North Syrians view Indian leadership and influence positively, with 5% expressing a negative view.

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