Independent States Allied Forces
HeadquartersTo be decided
Membership 7 Member Nations
 -  Secretary-General To be determined
 -  Chairman of the International Security Command To be determined

The Independent States Allied Forces (ISAF) is a military alliance founded by the Republic of Florida on August 16, 1978 dedicated to the defense of freedom worldwide.

Criteria for Membership

  • All members must be multiparty, representative democracies.
  • Restrictions of the freedom of speech, conscience, thought, worship, etc. must be minimal.

Civilian Structure

ISAF is headed by a civilian Secretary-General who is elected by the member nations. The General Assembly elects the Secretary-General, and is composed of one representative for each nation. Secretaries-General serve four-year terms.

Military Structure

Under normal conditions, ISAF has no control over its member states' militaries. If military intervention is required, ISAF must ask for troops from its member states. When ISAF is involved in armed conflict, whether in an offensive or peacekeeping role, its troops (which are supplied voluntarily by the member nations) are under the control of the International Security Command (ISC). Each member state appoints one military representative to the ISC. The ISC votes to decide who will be the Chairman of the ISC.

Member States

Nation Player Date of Accession General Assembly Representative ISC Representative
RoFFlag Florida RevenantAscension (talk) 16 August 1978

Pa-o nationality flag Republic of Susquehanna

User:Daeseunglim (User talk:Daeseunglim) 16 August 1978 Thomas Singler General David Erison

Flag of the United States United States

Mscoree 16 August 1978 James W. Spain Frederick C. Weyand
Flag of United Republic 1973United Republics G greg e 16 August 1978 Martin Cota Ruiz Admiral General James Richards
Flag of TurkeyTurkey Edboy452 16 August 1978 (Supsended ISAF 006) Süleyman Demirel

General Nurettin Ersin

Alaska flagAlaska Wegscuba (talk)

22 March 1979

William Cote General Todd Hardwick
Flag of the Chan Santa Cruz CountryNew Chan Santa Cruz David Rain (Sometimes...) (talk) 4 July 1982 Ts'íikil Chaak Ayiin Ahau K'atun Ahk Kab

General Assembly

This is where member states can post resolutions, etc.

Independent States Allied Forces Resolution 001

WHEREAS the Independent States Allied Forces seek to eliminate tyranny and opression throughout the world;

WHEREAS as such, we require a headquarters that is safe from attacks by both humans and Zombies;

WHEREAS we desire that the Headquarters be located in a stable, democratic country;

NOW, THEREFORE, Richard Stone, Floridian ambassador to the Independent States Allied Forces, proposes that a vote be held to determine where ISAF should be headquartered. 


  • Williamsport, County of Lycoming, Republic of Susquehanna.
    • Right on the Susquehanna River
    • Functional airport
    • Off of Interstate 180, US Route 15 and Route 220
    • Small city
    • Subway system
    • Enlarging the city
    • Military base outside
    • Easily defended due to its position in the mountains
    • Large hospital nearby
  • Arlington, Virginia, United States.
    • Directly near Washington
    • National airport
    • The Pentagon
    • Heavily fortified
    • Home to large bomb/fallout shelter network
    • Tunnels reach across Washington and into Maryland
    • In reach of commercial ports
    • Heavily patrolled waterways
    • Easily defendable by sea, land, or air
    • Contains highly trained defenders and guards
    • Surrounded by military bases
  • La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, United Republics
    • Large city outside of the Argentine Cap of Buenos Aires
    • Port
    • Major airport
    • Industry nearby
    • Heavily fortified
  • Montevideo, Uruguay, United Republics
    • Large commercial city on the coast
    • Airports
    • Close to industrial as well
  • Istanbul, Turkey
    • Fortified by Turkish Gendermerie and TBRU.
    • Largely commercial.
    • International Airport.
    • Military bases surround the city.
    • Turkish Black Sea fleet guard Istanbul.
    • Subways can be used as largely populated fallout shelters since they were designed for that use, and can house everybody in Istanbul.
    • Recently built tunnels also connect the subways to the subways of other cities as well such as Ankara, and Antalya.
    • Other industrial features are inside the city as well, such as bio-fuel plants, commercial ports, and dry docks.
    • City is walled.
    • Military checkpoints guard the city in certain areas.
    • Citizens get free water and MREs.
    • LRADs placed on patrolling APCs in case of riots.
    • Nation is also walled.
  • Miami, Florida
    • All access into the country is controlled by the Floridian Wall and the similar oceanic defenses.
    • Heavily protected by the Floridian military.
    • International Airport.
    • Has access to the sea.
    • Because it is also the Floridian capital city, it has lots of fallout shelters.
    • Easily defensible
    • Has a number of nearby military bases




La Plata, Buenos Aires 

Istanbul, Turkey

Miami, Florida

Independent States Allied Forces Resolution 002

We all have different Armed Forces. However, we each have different equipment that are either better or worse than the army. Turkey proposes the idea of having the same military equipment to be combat effective. This can also enforce the M.A.D Tactic (Mutual Assured Destruction) in case a nation in the ISAF goes rogue we will all be equally armed.

Please Accept/Decline to the Proposal Down Here:

Republic of Susquehanna: Accept.  It will be more efficient if all member nations are equally armed on the battlefeild.

Independent States Allied Forces Resolution 003

since we all have independent armed forces, it will take time to get any troops on the battlefield.  The Republic of Susquehanna proposes the idea of having a 25,000 manpower ISAF peacekeeping group that would be controlled by the general assembly.  Each nation could 'donate' a certain number of soldiers to the force, and it would give us more flexebility.

Please Accept/Decline to the Proposal Down Here:

Florida Accepts.RevenantAscension (talk) 14:02, May 6, 2013 (UTC)

United Republics accepts the idea, however, UR legislative branch sadly declines the opportunity to donate troops. G greg e (talk) 16:33, May 6, 2013 (UTC)

Also of 1982.5 the UR reconsiders and accepts!! G greg e (talk)

Independent States Allied Forces Resolution 004 and 005

The Republic of Susquehanna proposes that all member states in the ISAF announce a state of neutrality in the Middle East War to prevent allies from combating one another.  It is proposed that instead, a ISAF peacekeeper force of 5,000 soldiers is sent over to monitor the situation. 

A second proposal made is that the ISAF support the rebels in Yemen by arming them and recognizing them as the legitimate Yemeni Government.

Please Accept/Decline Down Here: United Republics: Accepts both 004, and 005. 

Independent States Allied Forces Resolution 006

After numerous attacks against our own members, we believe that Turkey should be suspended from ISAF.


  • United Republics: Suspension would be the best 
  • United States: Agreed.
  • Republic of Susquehanna: Agreed.

Independent States Allied Forces Announcement 002 (001 being creation of the ISAF)

All members of the ISAF are invited to join in the charter signing of the United League of Nations. It is expected that all nations will join the ULN, as the current UN has been inactive and unable to prevent or pacify the conflicts of UK-France, UR - Peru, and mostly Turkey and the Middle Eastern Conflict. This ULN will give a peacefully place to discuss and allow these discussion to happen. Please accept the ULN charter on your next post (very similar to the UN's). 

Independent States Allied Forces Resolution 007

Ts'íikil Chaak Ayiin, in his official capacity as the mouthpiece of Chan Santa Cruz, with the full support of our Ahau K'atun,  Ahk Kab,  would respectfully request ISAF help in two major military operations, Paybe and Balam.

Operation Paybe

OBJECTIVE: Clearing a viable trade route from CHan Santa Cruz to the Panama Canal

STRENGTH: Allows a stronger Chan Santa Cruzian Economy to be formed, benefiting the organisation, as we can then play a more active role.

WEAKNESS: Area heavily infested. Tough terrain. Large front.

Operation Balam

OBJECTIVE: Clearing South Mexico from the Zombie Horde

STRENGTH: Cleared one more area. Has to be done, why not now?

WEAKNESS: Costly. Can only begin after Operation Paybe is complete, for supply reasons.


Either way the UR will support these Operations. 

Independent States Allied Forces Resolution 008

The RoS proposes to allow Russia to enter the ISAF because they are a superpower in the European/Asian theater, allowing for more effective operations due to the RoS only having 1 base in the Middle East, and the US only having one base.


Application 001

  • Nation: Russian Federation
  • Player: Edboy452 (talk) 22:26, June 9, 2013 (UTC)
  • General Assembly Representative: Vitaly Vorotnikov
  • ISC Representative: Konstantin Ivanovich Kobets
  • Reason for Joining: After the Soviet Union and the Warsaw PACT dissolved, our great nation of Russia is left in a neutral state. We're simply looking for a western based military alliance to help keep order within our nation. We can provide our capital as a bid to house the ISAF Headquarters and supply any member nation of the ISAF large amounts of oil, military supplies, medicine, and food. Our great navy can also keep trade routes clear and help the United States keep the world under its way of deterrence. We understand if you decline our application since we were a sworn rival of the United States and the 1st world.

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