In our world the USA is one of the biggest nations in the world. But what if areas such as California, Texas and Florida never became a part of the US? What if they became their own independent nations? This is one scenario.


This althist features many PODs, because so many events are changed. PODs in chronological order are:

  • The Adams-Onís Treaty or the Florida Treaty in 1819 never happens, so Florida stays a part of Spain and boundary disputes between the US and New Spain continued.
  • In 1829 these disputes culminate in a war, which New Spain, now known as Mexico wins, and the US has to cede land from Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and the whole state of Louisiana. This connects Mexico and Florida, owned by Mexico back then.
  • In 1835 Texas rebels against Mexico, followed by California and Florida in 1836 and Nevada in 1837, creating new independent countries.
  • United Kingdom doesn't agree to the Oregon Treaty of 1846 and takes full control of the Oregon territory in 1847
  • Russia sells Alaska to the UK in 1869
  • Hawaii stays independent

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