Independent State of Macedonia
Незавима Држава Македонија
Flag IMARO.svg
Macedonia in Axis Triumph.png
Macedonian territory in 1945
Largest city Skopje
Official languages Macedonian, Bulgarian
Demonym Macedonian
Government Fascist republic
 -  Prime Minister Ivan Mihajlov
Legislature Central Committee
 -  Declaration 4 September 1944 
 -   estimate 5,394,782 
Currency Lev

The Independent State of Macedonia (Незавима Држава Македонија) was a state established by Ivan Mihajlov's rebel Macedonian forces in the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia in September 1944. After World War II ended with an Axis victory, the territory of Macedonia was divided between Bulgaria, Albania, and Montenegro (the latter two being Nazi puppet states). Macedonian nationalists rebelled after the war ended in 1943 and managed to defeat local Albanian and Montenegrin forces, while Bulgarians did not resist and pulled out. Hitler later recognized Macedonia is a sovereign state. Not only did it capture most of Macedonia, but parts of Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Albania, and Serbia.



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