Independent State of Italy
Stato Indipendente d'Italia
Satellite State of Nazi Germany
Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg
1943–1944 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg

Flag of Italy.svg<p> Flag

Fede, Speranza, Unità

"Faith, Hope, Unity"

Capital Venice (de jure)

Brescia (de facto)

Languages Italian
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Single-party national socialist republic
Plenipotentiary Rudolf Rahn
Historical era World War II
 - German invasion of Italy December 1st, 1942
 -  Established 1943
 -  Disestablished 1944
Currency Italian Lira
The Independent State of Italy (Italian: Stato Indipendente d'Italia), was a satellite state of Nazi Germany during World War II (from 1943 until 1944). It existed from February 2, 1943 until mid-1944. The Italian State initially claimed Venice as its capital, but Hitler had plans to move the capital back to Rome. Neither of the aforementioned cities ever became the capital of the Italian state, and the governing body of the nation remained centered around its temporary headquarters in Brescia, Lombardy.

In December of 1942, Germany invaded mainland Italy after the assassination of King Victor Emmanuel IV and the slaughter of much of the House of Savoy in the Raid of Ajaccio. Caught by surprise, the Germans made large gains in Northern Italy. By early 1943, with a few exceptions, the Italians had been pushed back across the Apennines and the occupying forces began to consolidate their gains.

The ISI was proclaimed on 2 February, 1943. Although the ISI claimed the entire Italian peninsula, political control never even reached the capital as the Wehrmacht was turned back in the Battle of Rome. The state came to an end after the Italians retook Brescia and captured Rudolf Rahn. The republic had only received diplomatic recognition from Germany, Japan and their puppet states.

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