Independent State of Croatia
Независна Дражва Xрватска
Timeline: Yugoslav Fate

OTL equivalent: Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Croatia Ustasa Coat of arms of the Independent State of Croatia
Flag of the NDH Coat of Arms of the NDH
Map of Croatia
Map of the NDH
Anthem "Lijepa naśa domovino"
Capital Zagreb
Largest city Zagreb
Other cities Sarajevo
  others Serbian
Croatian Orthodox Church
  others Catholicism, Islam
Ethnic Groups
  others Serbians, Bosnians
Demonym Croatian
Government Constitutional monarchy (de jure)
Fascist dominant-party dictatorship (de facto)
  legislature Croatian State Council
King of Croatia Zvonimir I (last)
Poglavnik Tomislav Pavelić
Area 115,133 
Population 7,100,000 (1948 est.) 
Established 10 April 1941
Currency Croatian kuna
Internet TLD .ndh

The Independent State of Croatia (Serbo-Croatian: Nezavisna Država Hrvatska, Независна Држава Хрватска, NDH; German: Unabhängiger Staat Kroatien; Italian: Stato Indipendente di Croazia) was a fascist dominant-party dictatorship established in the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia by Nazi Germany and Italy following the Invasion of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers during World War II.

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