Nezavisna Država Hrvatska
Independent State of Croatia
Flag of Croatia Ustasa
Coat of arms of the Independent State of Croatia
Map of Croatia
Capital Zagreb
Official language Croatian
State ideology Fascism
Head of state
- 1943-
King Ante Pavelić
Head of government
- 1943-
Nikola Mandić
Currency Croatian Kuna


The Independent State of Croatia (Nezavisna Država Hrvatska; NDH) was established on April 10, 1941, after the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was attacked by the Axis forces. It was technically a monarchy and Italian protectorate, but the state was controlled by the governing fascist Ustaše movement.


Croatian Trefoil

The NDH founded the Croatian Home Guard (Croatian: Hrvatsko domobranstvo) in April 1941 with the consent of the Wehrmacht. The Home Guard had an air force and a minimal navy. The NDH also created the Ustaška Vojnica, which was conceived as an elite militia.

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