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Macau Independente
Independent Macau
Client state of the Soviet Union and China
Autonomous Region of Portugal (de facto)
Flag of Portuguese Macau (proposal).svg
1974 Flag of Portuguese Macau (proposal).svg
Flag of Macau.svg
Flag of the Government of Portuguese Macau (1976-1999).svg Coat of arms of Portuguese Macau (1976-1999).svg
Flag State Emblem
March of the Volunteers
Capital Macau
Official language Portuguese
Religion None (State atheism)
Government Pro-Beijing Single-party state
President (de facto)
 - 1974 António de Spínola
 - 1974 José Eduardo Martinho Garcia Leandro
Chief Executive (de jure)Francis Tam
Historical era Cold War II
 - Portuguese Civil War 25 April 1974
 - Spanish invasion of Portugal 19 Dezember 1974
Currency Portuguese escudo ($)
The Independent Macau was a member of the Sovjet Powers of World War II (Germany wins)