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Where the Columbine Grow

In late 1960's, riots broke out over race seeming as the state basically was run by the Klu Klux Klan. However, these riots could lead to a revolution...


The riots get a lot worse then it did in our timeline.


1967-???: Race riots start and radicals start burning colleges. Shootings start happening in Denver. United States Government, focused on the Cold War, tries to help the state but can't help as much as they need to.

1969: The Colordoan Great Depression started which caused the states governments to break down. This sent ripples through two of the neighbour states, Utah and Kansas. Coloradoans started rioting in Denver and Washington for Coloradoan Independence. They coin the term Coloradence.

1971: US government attempted to help the country but it was too late. The governor, John Arthur Love, stated out that he supported Coloradence and quickly became the symbol for Coloradoan Freedom.

1972: The state completely broke down and the state's government met in Washington and petition for independence. The government refused.

22nd January 1973: President Nixon and John A. Love met to discuss independence as the reason for the riots is for race equality and Coloradoan independence. Nixon considers it as even the US military can't contain all these riots as riots are happening in Colorado's neighbour states. However, as they were leaving the meeting building, John Arthur Love is shot by a Klu Klux Klan member as John was a equal rights activist. In the aftermath, a member of the Colorado Senate, Richard Lamm, started leading the Coloradence revolution.

1973: After the unfortunate assassination of John Arthur Love, Richard Nixon makes a speech about the current state of Colorado and says "in memory of John Love, I support the 'Coloradence' rebellion' which many people think he just said it to gain support. This was a very controversial line as it was illegal for a state to become independent.

1976: Richard Nixon and the US government granted independence to Colorado, making Richard Lamm the first president of the Republic of Colorado.

1977: Colorado set up trade negotiations with it's neighbours; United States of America, United Mexican States and Canada.

1979: Colorado started regretting leaving the United States.

1980: Colorado becomes free association with the United States.

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