Location European nation states-bmp

The region that has been affected by the original flare-up

Country Info

Name - Moravia

Capitol - Brno

The Story

Shortly after the split of Czechoslovakia, both the people of Moravia and Germanic minorities of the Czech Republic wanted freedom from the newly formed republic. After consulting NATO, Germany and Austria gain permission to invade and split the Germanic portions of the republic. Shortly after, similar tensions rise in Poland. There are several revolts from German speaking minorities in Poland, and soon enough, the countries of East Prussia and Central Prussia are formed. After a vote is cast, the two countries decide to merge with Germany. 2 weeks later, the region of Moravia, inspired by the Germans, declare independence. These 3 events lead to several more global events such as Italian regions of Slovenia and Croatia, as well as the Crimean Peninsula from the Ukraine, Transnistria in Moldova, and Sicily in Italy, declaring independence.

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