The Independence Party was a party in the Confederate States of America founded in 2002 by various politicians that advocated a firm stance against the Soviet Union, as opposed to the dominant party in Confederate politics since independence in 1986, the States' Rights Party, which favored a co-operative
Confederate Rebel Flag

The battle flag of the Confederate States of America, used by the Independence Party.

stance. The Independence Party gained its only electoral success in 2004, when Mike Huckabee won against the States' Rights party. Huckabee brought the Confederacy into the Fourth World War, which eventually resulted in an in

The Sovereignty or Secession flag, also used by the Independence Party, especially in South Carolina.

vasion of the Confederacy, and the nuclear destruction of Arlington, Virginia and Tampa, Florida. Huckabee was killed in the bombing of Arlington, and the Presidency fell to the second Independence President, Robert J. Bentley. After the surrender of the Allied Powers, the Independence Party candidate Newt Gingrich lost to the Party for Peace, led by Jim Folsom Jr. in the elections of 2010.

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