In 2012 the government of North Korea is overthrown by generals on July 1st. They decided to put their "re-unification" plans into action. After contacting Iran on the 2nd, it was decided the plan would go into action on America's birthday, July 4th. On July 3rd, Yun Jong-rin is sworn in as Supreme Leader.



12:00 PM - Yun Jong-rin gives the official command to launch the missiles.

12:03 - The missiles are launched at their targets. Iran is notified of the launch, and they begin preparations.

12:10 - Yun Jong-rin gives an address on state TV. In it, he proclaims that a great enemy and many others were defeated, on their most cherished day.

12:11 - Seoul and Busan are hit with a missile. About nine million are killed by the wave, which vaporized much of the city.

12:13 - Tokyo-Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya are hit with missiles. About 45 million are instantly killed in the large metropolises.

12:15 - Tweets from all over Japan begin confirming the strike, sending a warning to the U.S government.

12:18 - The President is notified of the attack. He immediately gives an executive order to both shoot down the missiles and fire back.

12:20 - Iran launches a strike at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Gaza. They also begin bombing raids over Saudi Arabia. However, they make a mistake not targeting Turkey.

12:21 - The President is notified of the Irani involvement. He gives the order to launch nuclear weapons from Turkey to target Tehran, Tabriz, and Bandar e-Abbas.

12:23 - The first nuke hits about ten miles west of San Francisco Bay. The Korean coordinates were slightly off, and loss of life is minimal.

12:27 - A missile hits Portland, Eugene and Salem Oregon. That same minute, the army is mobilized and the anti-missile system is activated.

12:28 - Mass warning systems are put into effect. People are told to hunker down wherever they can and leave their televisions on at all times.

12:29 - Phoenix and Las Vegas are hit directly. The first missile at North Korea is fired from Nevada. An anti-ballistic missile takes down a nuke heading for Los Angeles and another saves Seattle.

12:30 - Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston are hit. Many TV stations go off the air, heightening chaos.

12:31 - Tabriz in Iran is hit by a missile. About 63 million are thought to be dead in these early minutes of the exchange. 

12:32 - Pakistan declares its support for the Iranian people. The U.S. is outraged. Mass media begins to report the exchange. From this point forward, less are killed thanks to safer conditions.

12:34 - India launches multiple missiles at the capital of every state in Pakistan, expecting them to hit in five minutes. They also launch at all the remaining cities in Pakistan and some in Iran.

12:35 - Tehran and Bandar are hit heavily. The Iranian government stops giving orders, and many anti-missile systems fail.

12:37 - The Pakistani launch a nuclear missile at Israel, unbeknownst of their inevitable fate. A missile lands near Denver, killing a few thousand. Boulder is destroyed, however.

12:39 - Most of Pakistan's urban population, almost 71 million, is killed instantly by a wave of missiles. The death toll worldwide is now estimated as about 155 million people.

12:41 - St. Louis is hit just outside of the city. About 100,000 are killed by the blast. At the same time, the first blast east of the Mississippi is recorded in Detroit. The anti-ballistic missiles are fired.

12:43 - The anti-ballistic missiles are able to save Boston, New York, Washington, Portland, Worcester, Portsmouth, Baltimore, and Richmond. Thought to be the Richmond missile by the government. Newport News is bombed.

12:45 - Pyongyang is hit with two strategically placed missiles. Yun Jong-rin and the entire rest of the government is killed. North Korea, the 70 year hermit kingdom, completely falls apart in 45 minutes.

12:46 - Nampo and Kaesong are hit. All remaining North Korean government officials are killed in this period by the other missiles, hitting Chongjin. About 160 million are now dead.

12:47 - The President gives authorization to eliminate North Korea's and Iran's most dangerous allies. A missile is launched from Turkey toward Aleppo and Damascus, in Syria, and Caracas and Maracaibo in Venezuela. The President holds off on others, such as Singapore and Lebanon.

12:48 - China, shocked by the Pakistan attack, begins to invade India. However, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, states that she will not declare war on China because she wouldn't want to heighten the death toll. Instead, China has 48 hours to pull out or face complete sanctions.

12:49 - A fireworks display in Idaho, unaware of the exchange, is sighted by a U.S. radar scanner. A missile is almost launched directly at Boise.

12:53 - Aleepo and Damascus are hit and destroyed instantly by missiles. The death toll from all strikes and acute radiation poisoning equal around 170 million dead.

12:55 - Acute radiation poisoning begins to set in in Japan and South Korea. Death tolls in the cities hit begin to quickly multiply.

12:59 - The President addresses the nation on national television. He states that the Second Korean War is over after one hour. He says that the American people were lucky to have not been hit as badly as those in Japan and South Korea, and even the Pakistani enemy.

1:00 - Russian President Vladimir Putin finalizes his responses. He condemns the North Korean government and states that he is in solidarity with the American, Japanese, Indian, and South Korean people after all they have suffered. Meanwhile, acute radiation poisoning has killed most infected.

1:01 - One hour and one minute after the original launch, most of those who are going to die have. About 200 million people were killed. Great hubs of innovation such as Tokyo and Seoul were destroyed, and entire nations were destroyed.

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