Background: PLAN B

2067-2074 AD

The World has fallen into chaos and war. Global warming, mass migration, and decreasing resources had led to an apocalyptic disaster. China and India destroyed themselves by a nuclear war over the remaining Himalayan fresh water. The European Union collapsed and with the rising Islamic revolution, African migrants and mass rioting, much of the former EU nations collapsed. Central America and Africa are nearly abandoned as well as famine grip the remaining equatorial survivors. Latin America are griped by droughts and destabilization. Brazil faced a civil war with the new Amazonia while Oceania faced Category 6 typhoons and sea level rise. Mexico collapsed while Canada collapsed into thousands of city-states after Quebec seceded which led to a domino effect over Canada. The US isn't doing much good as well. Millions of Canadian and Mexican refuges flee to the US which led to bankruptcy as well as the destruction of major cities by hurricanes and sea level rise. Tsunamis destroy much of the world's major cities while dust storms and droughts force mass migrations and the spread of disease.

As the world falls into darkness, a community of 23 take shelter in an abandoned apartment of the ruins of Los Angeles. Many of the people were former scientist, inventors, military roboticians, weaponry, green inventors, senators of Sacramento, soldiers, and engineers; now living together by farming and working in corporations.

Plan A after the disbanding of corporations, the US decided to end the global warming in 2067 by building huge barriers on major cities, vertical farming buildings, solar panels and wind turbines on rooftops, and cars running on hydrogen and green tech. But other nations are too busy working on mass migrations and civil wars which increase global warming farther and lead to a chain reaction that lead to global apocalypse. During the summer of 2073, hurricanes ruined the barriers which let water in destroyed much of the infrastructure. Los Angeles is destroyed and abandoned but some stayed in empty apartments and high hotels above the underwater road below.

The community of Shamrock Hotel decides to build a time portal device using their advanced skills to change history. Between the fall of 2073 to the summer of 2074, the community begins building a time portal device able to travel back in time. Charlotte MacArnold, the leader of the community and former Captain of the US Navy planned this mission to be PLAN B. By November 5, 2074, the community was finished. Using a time portal, they were able to travel back in time, but it was only a one-way trip since it was a portal. Aim for September 15, 2015, during the summit of 2015, where in the UN, China and India disagreed to cut CO2 emissions to 20% by 2025 which is where the domino effect started. All 23 entered but the machine malfunctions because of the abundance of mass that entered. The portal collapsed inward sending them to an unknown date but the place they will land did not change.

1775-1787 The Fall of One Empire, the Birth of Another


September: The crew landed in an empty colonial house in New York where the UN formerly used to be. Using the calculations of the position of the stars the crew landed at the year 1775 in New York. With no way back, the crew begins PLAN C, to create a nation powerful and more advance that it will most likely control the CO2 emissions without the interference of other nations. Since the revolution is going on, they decided it would be the US and since it was the only nation going green back at 2074.

October: Charlotte MacArnold meets the founding fathers and showed them an XM-29, able to shoot a target 500 meters away at a 100% accuracy, bought by himself. This actually stunned Washington and approved him to join the army. Kernal Frankenhurt, one of the crew members and an expert car designer works with Jessica Denduras, an engineer, to create the world's first automobile, after developing the battery using 18th century tech and aid traveling at long distances.

November: Charlotte MacArnold decides to destroy the entire British Empire having been hated of the mistreatment to the colonies. Charlotte ordered the crew's best naval engineer, now the crew lives on the empty house they landed, to build a navy powerful enough to destroy the entire British naval force.

December: Washington's army is equipped with XM-29s, Metal Storm Sentry guns, and bullet proof vest which give major advantages to the army. The crew's politicians quickly take over the Continental Congress using high public supportive and the promising to end the British Empire once and for all. The politicians agrees to attack Canada. Washington and his troops train, suggested by Charlotte, flanking and accurate training. Kernal Frankfurt finishes the first jeep and is mass produce in New York.


February: Washington's troops are given WW2 Willis MB jeeps and with Charlotte's weapons, were able to keep the British out of New York and Philadelphia with only a few dozen deaths. More British troops are sent to the Atlantic sea board.

March: Washington's troops reach North Carolina and drives the British out with Charlotte's advance strategic use. The crew's doctors found the American Medical Institute to aid the diseases known in the 18th century such as smallpox. Charlotte MacArnold is promoted Captain while at the Battle of Philadelphia. Huge investments are being made by Jessica's automobile similar to Ford Model B. The new Continental Congress make huge investments on the production of XM-29s to the American rebels.

April: The British troops arrived at Charleston but are quickly overwhelmed by the sheer size and weaponry far unknown to the British. Bullet proof suits, invented by Frankfurt, are being equipped to the army. The new naval ship, the USS Manhattan, similar in design of the USS IOWA, is captained by one of the crew, Joshua Salvador, now leading a smaller fleet of ironclads to defend the Atlantic Coast from upcoming British reinforcements. The British reinforcements arrive at April 19 but are overwhelmed by Joshua's fleet.

May: One of the crew's politician was able to persuade the Iroquois and Cherokee to aid the rebels in exchange that both Indian tribes are given full rights as states and given membership to Congress. With the native's aid, the Americans were able to kick out the British in the southern colonies, but the British still have a foothold in Albany, Maine, and northern Pennsylvania. Charlotte's troops are sent to Pennsylvania to defeat the British, now sending thousands of troops no knowing the Americans as a big threat. As Charlotte's troops march through the Appalachian woods, Washington's troops are sent to Albany to fend off the main supply of resources and guns. Roseta Valence, one of the crew's expert scientist creates the first Penicillin.

July: Benjamin Franklin and Jessica Denduras complete and mass produce the first light bulb. The crew's scientist found America's Inventors Lab. Automobiles are being sold at an advancing rate faster than it's being produce, Kernal Frankfurt found Frank Auto Company, creating the assembly line which produces cars much faster than it is being sold. Charlotte's and Washington's troops manage to keep the British off of the colonies with only few deaths. The Iroquois are given XM-29s to help aid Charlotte's troops to invade Canada.

August: The British reinforcement fleet arrived at northern Quebec to now losing ground in Canada. The Battle of Quebec was a victory for the Americans and so does Washington's troops in Montreal, with much of lower Rupert's Land under American control. AIL develops the Kernal Helmet similar to (US M1 WW2 Helmet). The Turtle is perfected by Joshua Salvador, now being equipped with Kernal Helmets. XM-29s are the standard Infantry rifle for the elite Continental army. The USS Manhattan are given Kernal Helmet and an electrical engine.

September: Automobiles are becoming more common in the thirteen colonies and becoming less expensive enough for the small but growing middle class to buy. Charlotte's troops manage to destroy the British shipping dock in Charlottetown which render the supply of British resources. Iroquois troops arrive as reinforcements capturing the city. A brigade is set up at Montreal to keep the British at bay. Canadian rebels are becoming more involved in the war as in the Battle of Winnipeg where Canadians fought off the advancing British troops using pitchforks and rifles. Canadian rebels also aid Charlotte's troops in the Battle of St. John where Canadians are given XM-29s and Howitzers. AIL develops the Cyclone Engine now replacing some electrical engines and power lines.

October: Washington's troops fought the British elite forces in NewFoundland while Charlotte's troops defeat the last British holdings in northern Quebec.

November: Joshua's fleet of Turtles head out to India to help aid the uprising Indian rebels. AMI develops the first insect repellent and a vaccine for measles. British troops tries an invasion of Philadelphia but the American defence troops in New York arrive to aid the Philadelphians and fend off the British which was a near success thanks to the Jeep's speed in arrival time.

December: FAC produces Model 2, similar to the Ford Model A but with a cyclone engine and an automatic starting engine. Thousands of British troops are sent to Baffin Island to defeat the Americans once and for all using their size of the army.


January: Kernal Frankfurt and the crew's military engineers establish the American Artillery Corps after having developing tank battalions creating the 1st Field Artillery Regiment. The field creates a defensive barricade along the east coast form Quebec to Georgia. Washington's garrisons finish off the remaining the British troops but the shear size of the British troops in Nunavut was harder than expected and needed the tanks in Ontario to defend the advancing British moving south.

March: Joshua's fleet reach India and begins attacking major British Indian ports and blockading British supply ships aim for Britain, decreasing the supplies of the British Empire. Another American fleet lands in Australia aiding the rebels to destroy the British forts in Perth and Derby. British troops were unable to supply the armies in all of their colonies.

April: American submarines deliver small tanks and jeeps to India and Australia aiding Joshua's fleet. Bombay and Delhi are captured which weakened the British foothold. Washington's troops defeat the last remaining British stronghold in Churchill. AIL develops advance cannon system capable of defeating the British once and for all. French aid help create a blockade of ships in the British Isle to prevent the reinforcement supplies. The British are stunned at the shear capacity and strength of the Americans. Charlotte, Jessica, and Kernal decides to develop the first ICBM capable of ending the war with the exception of the Continental Congress. First, Congress sent miners to Appalachia searching uranium and valuable product needed for the Manhattan Project.

June: AMI develops a vaccine for smallpox. French troops arrive at India to aid the Americans. Indian rebels aid the Americans and are given XM-29s, 155mm Howitzers, and Jeeps. Australian rebels and American troops capture major ports and military forts in western Australia.

August: Britain are becoming exhausted and running out of resources. French troops destroyed much of northern Indian British forts while the Americans defeat the British troops in the Deccan Plateau.

September: Every major US city have electrical lighting. New York's defense grid is upgraded with submarine divisions underwater in case of a British invasion. AIL develops the first blimp and is launched above Cincinnati. French troops were able to defeat the British re-enforcements in Cambridge and London but the battle is still fierce with both sides gaining little with heavy casualties. American re-enforcements arrive but wasn't able to hold on to its foothold in Portsmouth.

November: India is capture by the Americans while at the Battle of Sydney, the Americans and British were at a stalemate until French reinforcements arrive to break the tie.


British troops manage to recapture London and defeat the the French in Tours. The British decides to attack France so the Americans had no re-enforcements. By April, Australia is captured by the Americans now securing the continent in case of British reinforcements. AMI develops the Standard Medical Kit. The Band Aid is released to the market.


Much of the French troops from India arrived at Tours to fend off the British advancing troops. Washington's troops arrived at France to aid the French. British troops mange to send troops to Paris and bomb the Arch of Triumph. Napoleon's troops along with Washington's drives the British out of Paris but British reinforcements arrived with thousands of Infantry moving in. Much of London is in ruins as the Buckingham Palace burns, the British government begins to fall. Charlotte's troops arrived at London to defeat the British once and for all.


French troops arrived in Tours to finish off the remainder of the British army in France. Sections of the British front in London are being cut off as American bombs major industrial factories. American bombs kills the entire Parliament along with the new Palace outside of London. French troops lost ground in Paris as British troops arrive to recapture the city. The city of Tours is completely destroyed as American Tanks bomb off the British Troops in the streets of Tours. AIL invents the washing machine and the oven now selling faster than it's being produce. AML develops the first blood drive to aid the soldiers fighting in France.


Irish rebels riots in the streets as the British government fall to its knees. Americans support the Irish rebels by selling them rifles. AIL develops the typewriter and the sewing machine. Steel Manufacturing and Petroleum exports boost the economy. British red coats arrive at Boulogne as a surprise to the French and advance north to Paris. French troops finish off the British in Tours but now had to deal with a new threat at Boulogne. The British burn down the city and soon burn the countryside destroying much of the food source at southern France. British troops arrive at a third invasion of Paris but instead burning the countryside and surrounding the city to capture it quickly. British troops arrive at La Rochelle and burn the the city and force the French citizens to join the army or imprisoned. French troops loss at the Battle of Nantes and the Battle of Rennes which was a British victory. Another British invasion in Bordeaux weary out the French troops. FAC develops steam powered ships first introduced as traveling down the Mississippi River and increasing traveling. Towns pop out around the Mississippi as traveling boost the economy and stabilize the colonies. AIL develops the first camera; Kernal Frankfurt took the first picture in New York. The Articles of Confederation are ratified by the State of Cherokea but are ratified by Charlotte ever since the whiskey rebellion took place in Philadelphia. The Charleston Conference took place in July and begins abolishing some Articles.


British troops advance to Rennes which cut the French off guard and lost the city within months. AIL develops the stethoscope. FAC begins project Niagara to build the first hydroelectric dam in Niagara Falls, Iraqouia. Much of the British front in Bordeaux are beginning to lose ground after American reinforcement arrive. French spies bomb the British forts in Toulouse which weakened the British holdings in southern France. British troops arrived at Nantes to aid the troops as French and American troops arrive to recapture the city. American troops arrive at Perpigna to aid the French as the British advance. AIL develops the first electromagnet. Jessica and Frankfurt develops the first aircraft similar to Sopwith Camel. The US Air Corps is established and begins mass producing planes for Washington's troops.


British troops are beginning to lose ground in southern France while the lose of Tours and Nanted cause the British to retreat in the coast of western France. British troops begin moving in to Paris for reinforcements. Paris is completely obliterated as French and American troops battle out the British. The Americans and French wins but not without a cost, Napoleon died while leading the American tanks through the Paris streets. French troops were able to recapture Paris but with heavy casualties. AIL develops the first patented stereoscope. Braille is now being introduced to the blind and deaf in America. AMI develops the world's first anesthesia vaccine decreasing pain during surgery and the safety pin. US Air Corps arrive at Nantes to bomb the remaining British force in France, driving them but as the British retreat to the wilderness, British reinforcements arrive at the coast while the British troops move in from the north surrounding the French. American bombs destroy the British ships, cancelling out the re-enforcements.


As British troops arrived at London to recapture the city. The crew finishes off the first ICBM and is dropped on London by an American plane. Seeing this power of destruction, the British surrenders. The treaty of Cincinnati was signed ( Versailles was burned by the British), stating all of the British colonies are given to the new United States of America, France receives England and Wales from Britain, Ireland given independence, and France transferring its government to Parliament Democracy. As British troops retreat to Scotland, they are humiliated and ashamed that their entire empire is given away to America. British Scotland is renamed the new Scottish Empire.

1787-1817 American Growth to WW-I

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