The Incaztec Imperial Warrior Sect are the official armed forces and security service of the Incaztec Empire. They are called a imperial warrior sect because they are essentially appointed by both the emperor and the religious ecclesiarchy. To be a member of the Incaztec Imperial Warrior Sect requires extreme dedication and loyalty to the job. They are often trained in many forms of combat, be it firearms, swords, axes, martial arts and secretive assassination techniques. In essence it functions as the long arm of the law when it comes to Federal Matters similar to the FBI of the U.S, However they are also used often with the permission of the Dukes and Princes to govern and enforce religious matters also. Often IIWS warriors are brought up directly by the priesthood at a young age to fight and serve the empire, many of whom may have been orphaned or given to them by impoverished parents as babies. The higher orders comprise of both Priests, Upranked warriors and even Dukes and Princes. Mostly pyramids and other temples are used as bases for their activities. Often families of warriors assigned to this order are given state privileges not afforded to others, which is mostly the reason why the Incaztec Empire has one of the biggest serving armed forces members compared to the population along with North Korea.

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