The Incaztec Union or known as the Incaztec Empire is a Federation of Duchies in on the Continent of Paramerica. In essence the Incaztec Union is similar to the Holy Roman empire with A prince is elected Emperor by A council of Dukes, Princes and High Priests. No discrimination exists within the civilised people with Nahuan people and Quechuan people along with Mayans and Aymara given equal rights guaranteed by the constitution, however uncivilised tribes and europeans are often looked upon with suspicion.


Outside of the Imperial and Religious realm is the Imperial Council, During the Second World War they allied with Nazi Germany and Japan and to this day the Far-Right Pious Sons of the Righteous Party is the major policy maker as well as the political force, The Incaztec empire still controls the Western Part of Central and South America extending from Areas of what is now Mexico down to Chile. In this alternative history much more Inca, Aztec and Mayan art has been preserved as well as their Cultures. However many unsucessful rebellions have existed against Paramerican Incaztec government on the continental Americas. 


The religion of the Incaztec Empire is quite complicated considering the cultural sycreticism of the Continent. According to the State religion the Emperor is the the Sapa Inca whom rules by the divine right of Quetzalcoatl. In order to fit in with world standards human sacrifice was abolished in 1873, however priests may conduct it illegally, often with the victims consent. Although religiously diverse, heresy is a state crime punishable by death. In the oversees continental duchies however they are allowed to practice their native religions without Paramerican Incaztec interference which is guaranteed by the constitution.


The major export of the Incaztec Empire is Cocoa, Maize and Llama products. This has made the Incaztec Empire one of the most prosperous nations in the Americas.

Civil Rights

Slavery existed until the early 1900's although enslavement of tribal people is still commonplace. Mexica law was extremly harsh against homosexuals, in the Northwest and Northcentral  Duchies of the Empire homosexuality is still A crime especially in Nahua majority areas. But Federally and in Southern Areas of the Country it was never criminalised, this has led to a migration of LGBT Nahua people from Rural Northern areas to the considerably more tolerant Southern Duchies with a Quechua and Aymara majority as well as the Northeastern duchies with a Mayan majority, In the oversees Continental Americas, Aztec duchies criminalise homosexuality while in the Incan and Mayan duchies homosexuality has never been illegal. In race relations several duchies across the empire have segregation laws from members of tribal people.

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