Incan-Ghanese War

January 20, 1823 - April 17, 1824


South America, Eastern Africa


Incan victory; Ghanese colonial claims returned to original borders.

Banner of the Inca Empire
Incan Empire
Flag of Ashanti
Kingdom of Ghana
Banner of the Inca Empire
Viracocha IV
Flag of Ashanti
Khari II
Banner of the Inca Empire
300,000 soldiers
Flag of Ashanti
250,000 soldiers
Casualties and Losses

Military Dead

24,000 (approx.)

Civilian Dead

100,000 (approx)(Incan claim)

7,000 (approx)(Ghanese claim)

30,000 (approx)(general historical consensus)

Military Dead

Over 900,000

Civilian Dead

50,000 (approx)(Ghanese claim)

none (Incan claim)

7,000 (approx)(general historical consensus)

The Incan-Ghanese War was a conflict between the Incan Empire, and the Kingdom of Ghana. At the center of the conflict was the Ghanese desire to expand its colonial holdings. Ghanese King, Khari II, attempted to settle behind its colonial borders, and furhter inland into South America, in territory that had initially be claimed by the Inca.

After the Ghanese settlers, began building in Incan territory, Emperor Viracocha IV demanded that they withdraw back behind Ghanese borders, to which Khari refused. To strengthen his claim, he ordered a division of Ghanese soldiers to occupy another piece of land further West.

The Incan gave an ultimatum: either fully withdraw, or face military action. When the ultimatum passed without a response, the Incan Royal Army attacked the settlement, intent on forcing the settlers. However, a larger, secret contingent of Ghanese soldiers were also stationed there, and defeated the Incan, before advancing further in land, occupying towns with established Incan populations.

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