Inca Empire
Timeline: Celestial Ascendance
Flag of the Inca Empire National symbol of the Inca Empire
Flag National symbol
Inca Empire map
Location of Inca Empire
Anthem: "Empire of the Sun"
(and largest city)
Language: Quechua
Religion: Intia (state religion)
Ethnic group: Incas
Demonym: Inca, Incan
Type of government: Absolute, divine monarchy
Sapa Inca: Sinchi Rocha Yupanqui
Prime Minister: Wayna Sumara
Area: 4,940,000 km²
  per capita: €47,000
Population: 207,451,895 
Established: 1200 (as the Kingdom of Cuzco)
Currency: Incan simi
Organizations: United Nations
The Inca Empire (Quechua: Tawantinsuyu, literally "the four regions") is a sovereign state and empire located in South Sinica. It is located west of Akset and south of the United Maya States.


The Inca Empire has many different cultures, though the predominant culture is the Inca culture.

The Incas are traditionally very religious, and rituals form an importamt part ofamy Incas' lives. Intia, the Inca religion is the majority religion in the empire. Irreligion and atheism is much less common than in most countries, yet completely accepted.

The Inca people are known worldwide for their relaxed attitude to sexuality. Sex is viewed as a normal human need, and marriage is becoming rarer in the present. Some say this is because the Incas see love alone as important and not the instutition. Promiscuity is not seen as particularly bad, infidelity while being in a relationship is frowned upon however.

The Inca civilization has always been tolerant of LGBT activities. The Incas are one of the very few cultures where homosexuality and bisexuality have always been accepted. Discrimination against LGBT people is completely unheard of. Many Inca rulers have not only taken one or more wives, but also male lovers as well. One Sapa Inca went as far to marry his male lover. Consensual polygamy and incest is also legal.

The Inca people are typically seen as very welcoming and hospitable people. They are also generally portrayed as being very open, even to strangers, and few things are seen as truly weird