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In the Footsteps of Charlemagne is a Crusader Kings 2 AAR written by DensleyBlair.

Plot Summary (WIP)

Part One - Prelude

The story starts on the 15th September 1066, with Herbert Karling sat in the study of his castle in Rethel, Vermandois, writing a letter addressed to Benoît of Laon, regarding claims the count has on the neighbouring county of Valois. Herbert calls for Adalbert de Quentin, whom he gives the job of delivering the letter.

Meanwhile, Eudes is introduced - along with his mother Alix-Adèle. We see him breaking into the castle kitchens and feasting on sweetmeats, much to the disdain of his mother.

By the evening, Adalbert is nearing Laon. Benoît is also walking home with another ward - Henri de Meaux - having spent the day distributing alms to the poor of nearby Molinchart. The child notices shales in the nearby forest as they walk, which Benoît dismiss as messengers from the nearby Holy Roman Empire.

Adalbert arrives at the bishop's palace, only to find Benoît is still out. Somewhat anxious, Adalbert nonetheless stays at the palace, waiting for Benoît. We then see the bishop again, still walking, who is now feeling uncomfortable himself, remembering what Henri had said about having seen a glint of silver amongst the trees.

Hearing the soft clink of armour, the bishop comes to the realisation that the pair are being followed. He quietly draws a short sword from under his robes as three men jump out from the trees and launch an attack. The part concludes with the bishop shouting "For God, for justice!"

Part Two - Daggers in the Night

Followings the ambush, Benoît and Adalbert are sat in the hall of the bishop's palace at Laon. Henri is lying unconscious on a bed of linen, having fallen and hit his head after having been told to run by Benoît. The trio are soon joined by Herbert.

Benoît retires for the night, leaving the count alone with Adalbert. The pair discuss rumours of war in the south. This is the first mention of Robert of Burgundy.

Two days later, Henri completes his return to health, though the mood in Vermandois is subdued in the aftermath of the ambush.

Soon after, it is suggested that the figure behnd the attack is Raoul de Valois, Herbert's father in law, and Count of Amiens and the Vexin. Upon discovering this, Herbert tells of his intentions to claim Raoul's land explicitly for the first time.

Soon after, Benoît and Herbert are sat in the comital palace planning a banquet, to which the pair plan to invite Raoul. During a conversation, Herbert asks Benoît whether he believes Laon to now be safe - referring to whether or not he suspects there will be any more attacks.

After Benoît has left, Herbert is confronted by a mysterious hooded figure, who informs the count that Raoul had no part in the intrigue. The same 'figure' is shown later that day drinking ale with a young nobleman, with whom he discusses the fact that Herbert 'won't talk.' The count, meanwhile, is undressing in his room, telling Alix-Adèle of his worries.

The next morning, the 'hooded figure' is shown walking out of an inn, pursued from a distance by Guichard, a courtier of Herbert's. Sensing he is being followed, the figure mounts a horse. Guichard does the same and a chase ensues, ending with Guichard capturing the 'figure.'

Back at the castle in Rethel, Herbert is talking to the prisoner, who we learn is Simon de Valois - the son of Raoul, and the heir to the counties of Amiens and the Vexin. The scene ends with Herbert banishing Simon.

The Frankish Play

Part Three - The Full Revolution

Part Four - Abide in Me

Timeline (WIP)

L'Année des Rois (1080)

Main article: L'Année des Rois

The Seventy Years War

Main article: The Seventy Years War

The Edwardian Wars (1349-1359)

The Peace of Rouen

The Breton Crisis (1361-1363)

The Burgundian Revolt (1363-1366)

The Guyenne War (1368-1382)

The Peace of Bordeaux

The War of the Two Johns (1385-1401)

The de Malaucène War (1409-1417)

See also: Jean de Malaucène

Early Colonisation (1507-1648)

The War of the Lions (1564-1566)

The Golden Empire (1648-1783)

de Férêchard's Revolt and Enlightenment (1759-1801)

See also: Council of Barons

Characters (WIP)


  • Charles VII of France (1527-1594)
  • Louis, Duke of Luxembourg (1532-1579)


  • Alix-Adèle de Valois (c.1035-?)

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