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With seven ships and 800 new settlers and soldiers, Christopher Columbus set sails again in 1495 for the new land Columbia. However, Columbus believes that by sailing further north, he may actually find a passageway to Asia. He decided that he would head to the settlement of New York and drop off the settlers, and then carry on to the north. Maybe while up there he could find furs or something to trade as well.

Arriving back in New York to see that the settlement suffered greatly for the past few years and the miserable winters. Only the aid of the Natives around the colony such as growing food suited for the climate and fishing allowed the inhabitants to survive. Many of the settlers have even taken Indian wives, much to the new settler's shock. However, Columbus leaves the new settlers and travels to the North along the coast, mapping the entire way. Traveling by OTL New England, Nova Scotia, and into the OTL St. Lawrence River, Columbus begins to fear that he can't go any further North as the supplies dwindle and winter starts to set in. What does Columbus do?

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