Imre Than
Born 12th March 1812
Esztergom, Hungary
Title Minister of War
Political party Federal Democratic Party

Imre Than is a Federalist Councillor and Minister of War in the Interactive AAR A Federation of Equals.


Born to a tax collector, Than was well brought up and well educated. He was sent to Vienna to read Economics before returning to his home state where he led the Budapest tax agency. Frequenting the middle class establishments of Budapest, he quickly fell under Nagy's spell and was a quick supporter of the revolution, becoming Nagy's prime advisor. It was he that persuaded Nagy to join with Austria in the Federation and, in return for saving the resolution from a grizzly end, Than was appointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer in Hungary; a capacity in which he served until 1856, when, as the troubles in Budapest worsened, Nagy transferred his seat on the Federal Council to Than. Than, coming from a town so close to the Slovak border and seeing separation as the only way to ensure stability, is now regarded as being instrumental in getting the Plebiscite Act passed and bringing the President on-side. He also didn't support the Hungarian declaration of independence, refusing to accept the state's departure from the Federation and choosing to remain in Vienna until the rebellion could be crushed.

Positions Held

1854-Present - Councillor for Hungary
1854-1856 - Member of the Danubian Liberal Alliance
1856-1860 - Leader of the Federal Party of the Danube
1856-1860 - Minister of the Interior
1857-1860 - Acting-President of Hungary
1860-Present - Leader of the Federal Democratic Party
1863-1864 - Minister of War
1868-1872 - Vice President

Bills Enacted

The Krakowian War Federal Aims Act, 1851

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