During the Imperial era, in the same fashion as the other imperial states of Europe, Wales had flags and coats of arms made to represent her overseas colonies.

The Empire was made up of colonies in South America, Africa and the Pacific.

Y America (The America's)

Wales' premier colony was also its most short lived. Carved from territory in South America, the province of Y Wladfa (Patagonia) existed in what is now Argentina. The second Welsh territory in south America was the island complex Ynys Iestyn and Ynysoedd Rhyngosod y De (OTL South George & South Sandwich). Administratively the islands were governed together as the Ynysoedd y De Iwerydd (South Atlantic Islands).

Baneri o'r Trefedigaethau Americanaidd (Flags of American Colonies)
1 - Colonial Flag of Y Wladfa

Flag of Y Wladfa

Dux Patagonicus v1

Coat of Arms of the Province of Y Wladfa

2a - Dux Patagonicus v2

Coat of Arms of the Dug Y Wladfa

3 - Colonial Flag of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Flag of Colony of Ynysoedd y De Iwerydd

Affrica (Africa)

The African colonies of the Welsh Empire were spread over three Crown Colonies. The oldest colony was Gini which consisted of the OTL territory of Guinea and Guinea Biseau and the Crown Colony of Y Gambia. The Welsh Empire also held the territory of Sierra Leone. Together these three crown colonies made up Affrica Gorllewinol Cymraeg. The Empire also extended to two other crown colonies. The territory of Gini Gyhydeddol (Equatorial Guinea) which was governed as Affrica Gyhydeddol Cymraeg and the inland area around the African great lakes (OTL: Bwrwndi/Burundi) which was governed as Talaith Llynoedd Mawr Affrica (Great Lakes Province)

Baneri o'r Trefedigaethau Affricanaidd (Flags of African Colonies)
4 - Colonial Flag of Welsh Guinea

Flag of Gini

4a - Colonial Flag of Welsh Guinea v2

Ensign of Gini

Guinea Coat of Arms (Welsh)

Coat of Arms of Gini

5 - Colonial Flag of Sierra Leone

Flag of Sierra Leone

5a - Colonial Flag of Sierra Leone v2

Ensign of Sierra Leone

5 - Colonial Flag of Equatorial Guinea

Flag of Gini Gyhydeddol

6 - Colonial Flag of Welsh Great Lakes Province

Flag of Talaith Llynoedd Mawr Affrica

7 - Flag of Y Gambia

Flag of Y Gambia

7a - Y Gambia Ensign

Ensign of Y Gambia

Tiriogaethau Cymraeg y Môr Tawel (Welsh Pacific Territories)

The Welsh territories in the Pacific were governed on a two tier basis. The Crown Governor held responsibility for the entire Welsh Pacific territory, with Lt Governors' in charge of the individual territories. The Kingdom of Tonga was a "protected state" and as such was not formally part of the Empire itself, though Wales held responsibility for all Tongan foreign affairs until 1970.

Baneri o'r Trefedigaethau Môr Tawel (Flags of the Pacific Colonies)
7 - Colonial Flag of Fiji

Flag of Fiji

7a - Colonial Flag of Fiji v2

Ensign of Ffiji

Colonial Flag of New Caledonia

Flag of Caledonia Newydd

8a - Colonial Flag of New Caledonia v2

Ensign of Caledonia Newydd

9 - Colonial Flag of Welsh Samoa

Flag of Samoa

9a - Colonial Flag of Welsh Samoa v2

Ensign of Samoa

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