The Imperial World War began in June 1944 between the Axis (comprising of the British Empire and its Commonwealth, Germanic Empire and the Japanese Empire) and the Promesse Latine/Alliance (Spain, France and Italy, along with their colonies).

1944 Naval War

When war was declared, British Fleets were sailing around the French waters in both Africa and South America. Later that day, 7 French battleships had been destroyed, with only one British casualty. The other fleets were immediately ordered to sail either to France, Italian-controlled Iran, or Mexico to join other fleets there. The plan was to have a united fleet that could divert the British Navy, they then planned to slowly destroy it.

By November 1944, the French ordered their larger fleet to attack Britain by amphibious attack and shell the ports there. The British had passed on its Sonar technology to Germany, who applied it to their new U-Boats. They waited for the French fleet to start sailing before they wiped out the remaining fleet left at France. They then faced bombing from both sides by the Luftwaffe and RAF. The fleet was almost completely destroyed, the remaining ships surrendered to the British, and they were put under the command of the German Navy.

The Axis now had complete control of European seas and it allowed a fast offensive for British and German forces.

French Evacuation

Under the threat of a Blitzkrieg attack on France, they invaded Jordan to ensure a safe route for the French evacuation to Saudi Arabia. It was declared that the government would be run from there. On December 19th, French battleships transported ten million civilians to Saudi Arabia, making it one of the largest migrations of all time. The others were to set up an effective resistance or join other allied forces.

France Invaded

Mainland France was invaded in January 1945, split between Britain and Germany. They agreed to treat the French civilians with contempt and allowed them communication with their families. Various resistance measures were carried out, but they were largely unsuccessful. Many French women were courted by British men, and they were allowed citizenship into the United Kingdom, where they were treated as such.

Paris Treaty

By June 1945, Britain signed a treaty with France, agreeing that it would be a protectorate of the Queen and teach English, but both Saudi Arabia and British France would be allowed to run its own government after the War.

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