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The Imperial Restoration, or the Coup of 1932, was the series of events that lead to the establishment of the dictatorship of Second Global War hero Philippe Pétain and his Fédération Impérialiste Française in the French Empire between June 2 and September 15, 1932. This lead to


Although victorious in the Second Global War, the French Empire barely managed to hold itself together after the five year conflict. The labor movement had managed to gain a large of amount of power through the threat of strikes in the middle of the war, which would have pulverized the war economy. As well, the colonial people's began to agitate for freedom, in some cases, such as in Mauritania and Algeria, an outright rebellion to colonial authorities broke out. And lastly, the difficulty that the Imperial Government had to repay the massive "people's bonds" that helped finance the war effort lead to the government printing more money, causing a huge surge in inflation that destroyed some people's life savings, and left the majority of the working class on the ropes.

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