The Regenetech Empire has one of the strongest, if not the strongest Astronomical Navy for the Cosmos. Comprising of millions of personnel and even more ships, the RANC may not have the most people in its navy, but it certainly may have the most excelling technology, warfare, and naval power. Millions of ships, most equipped with laser guns (class K, of course), are in standby just waiting for War. The Empire also has the superlaser, a laser strong enough to blast whole planets and their satellites into smithereens

Overall, the Empire can be ranked among the ancient species in strength, although not being that ancient, only around 25 MYO.

The Navy

The Imperial Navy itself comprises of battleships, solo ships, carriers, destroyers, battle stations, and other things. Consisting of over 20 million ships (although some maybe small and can be housed in bigger ships), the Navy has left the mark of the Empire on many planets, star systems, and the minds of living beings.

The Fleets

There are exactly 120 fleets in the navy. 60 of them are in the interstellar division, while others are not.

The Interstellar Division

The Interstellar division consists of:

  • Sixty fleets: one fleet is equal to 250 Standard
    Regen Spaceship
    RSS (Regen Spaceships) and ten RSDs (Regen Star Destroyers). All ships are capable of using the hyperdrive and jumping the lightspeed.
    Regen CW SSD
  • The RSDs in the first twenty seven fleets are Imperial-class (first picture on the right)
  • The RSDs in the remaining fleets are Majestic-class, an example shown right. The reason for this difference is the Second Regen Civil War. 27 Interstellar Fleets served the Empire, and the rebels had the rest. After the defeat of the Rebels, all Rebel ships were re-integrated into the Imperial fleet. They were modified, resulting in the Majestic class.
    Regen RAF
  • The RSSs: There are 30000 RSSs in service of the Empire. 15,000 are in service of the Galactic fleets. The other 15,000 are in service of the Interior fleets. Every RSS has twenty RAF (Regen Airborne
    Regen WRC

    A WRC

    Fighters) and thirty troops of soldiers. All RSSs are also equipped with the same number of WRCs (Within Range Cruisers) as Rangetroopers.
  • Troops: There are five different types of Troopers. One type of trooper does not enter the b
    Regen TRC

    An older TRC

    1. Standard troopers: Standard troopers are regular Regen soldiers equipped with the standard machine gun and ammo levels. They all have a spacesuit and the standard Regen SEU (Soldier Escape Unit). There are seven Standard troops on one RSS with twenty troopers per troop. They are deployed on ground or stay on TRCs (Troop Range Cruisers). TRCs are floaters. Every troop stands onboard one TRC. The TRC approaches enemies. Then troopers are dispatched to ground or in space and attack the enemy.
    2. Standing troopers: Standing troopers: Standing troopers stay on the ship and attack enemies from
      Regen FRC

      The latest model of the FRC

      onboard. Each RSS has thirty standers/three troops. Every stander has an SEU.
    3. Surround troopers: Surround troopers: Surround troopers float around their home RSS on SFDs (Surrounding Floating Devices). Each trooper stands on his SFD with his SEU. SFDs have GLDs (Gravitationally Locking Devices) within them that keep them attached to the home ship. Every RSS has ten Surround troops consisting of ten troopers each.
    4. Lone troopers: Lone Troopers enter the enemy line solo as spies. Some lone troopers attack enemies solo, but no matter what, each of these troopers do their duties solo. Each ship has five troops of thirty of these. They rider RAFs before being dispatched solo on FRCs (Far Range Cruisers).
    5. Range troopers: Range troopers board RAFs, which are smaller ships designed for one troop. Each trooper rides the RAF assigned to his troop and does a special duty. Every RSS has ten of these troops, consisting of ten troopers each. Each RT has his own WRC, which is a GLD locked to the troop RAF.
  • Other Devices: RSSs have other devices, but they are not regulation. Often, if a ship can bear the weight and has the space, random weapons and UFOs (Unassigned Floating Objects) are loaded on.
  • The common craft carrier "R6912" is often found travelling alongside an RSS.
  • Smaller craft, like the ARF (Aerial Regional Fighter), can be found on a carrier and sent out manned by standing troopers.

RSD Materials:

  • RSDs were not intended to carry any sort of troops, but each do have two troops of each type of trooper, which are dispatched from the ship if necessary. RSDs also carry commanders and high-ranking officers which do not have troops. The Fleet Command Ship has the fleet captains and the Fleet Lord, who is the Emperor's man in charge of the whole fleet. RSDs also contain All-Terrain Vehicles, designed for all lands, and Hydro Vehicles, which are over-water vehicles, and airplanes, a form of the spaceship which remains in the atmosphere of a celestial body. FACs (Fleet Airborne Cruisers) are also loaded on the nine other RSDs.


This is a gallery of the great ships of the Empire.

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