This is the treaty which binds all nations to the Muslim Empire. By Allah, these states will be perfect, just as the Prophet Muhammad had foretold in the past.

The Empire

Section 1 (Definition)

  • Article I: There shall be only one Caliph, the shadow of God on Earth and the most graced human being.
  • Article II: The Caliph is the supreme ruler of all the lands, and all the land, for all under him is one. He is the ruler of the Caliphate, and he holds the title.
  • Article III: All nations abiding by this treaty, whether by signing or not, are hereby proclaimed provinces of the Divine Muslim Empire, and thus must accept him as the 'true' Caliph.
  • Article IV: All provinces thereof are eternally bound to this treaty, as all human beings are bound to God.
  • Article V: The boundaries of this Divine state are the boundaries of provinces facing states which are not a part of this most perfect nation.
  • Article VI: The Caliph must be of age, [specifically not mention which exactly], male, and Muslim.
  • Article VII: The law of this state is the law of Allah, whom is the body of this realm and leader of all mankind and such.
  • Article VIII: All states, including those that are not devoted to Islam, are credible to the terms and membership of the terms stated in this treaty. Allah is Merciful.

Section 2 (The Courte and Caliph)

  • Article IX: The Caliph, the Divine ruler of this land, the Shadow of God on Earth, has the power to make all laws, provided they do not contradict the word of God.
  • Article X: The court shall consist of three Imams from every province, following the qualifications set forth by the Caliph.
  • Article XI: Each of these Imam has one vote towards one vote for their provinces, and must two of the three must agree for a vote to be counted for their province, either for or against.
  • Article XII: A majority of 2/3 of states vote, for the proposition, is required for the Courte to make a ruling.
  • Article XIII: The Courte may make a ruling on anything, provided they have the correct judgment of Allah Word, the Holy, Noble and Glorious Qur'an. If incorrect, the Caliph may revoke a decision.
  • Article XIV: In extreme cases, if the Caliph has wrongly interpreted the Qur'an himself, he may himself be revoked from his office, for he does not follow the will of God.

Section 3 (The Provinces)

  • Article XV: Each province has the right to make its own laws, see it that it doesn't contradict the law of the land.
  • Article XVI: All lands with a Christian government may not pass laws unless approved by the Courte.
  • Article XVII: The Emir of each Province may elect those Imams who may serve in the Imperial Courte, under the guideline set by the Caliph.
  • Article XVIII: Each province must enforce and abide by the laws passed by the Caliph or the Courte, for their judgment is right.
  • Article XIX: Each Province has the right to mint its own coin, as long as they make the Imperial coins available for the use of every citizen.
  • Article XX: Each Province has the right to conduct Masjid Service in whichever language they please, for God wishes to spread the word to all.
  • Article XXI: Each Province may have its own government type, as long as they follow the guidelines of the state.
  • Article XXII: Each Province has the right to tax its citizens, along with Imperial taxes.
  • Article XXIII: Each Province has the right to field an army to help with the national defense of the state.

Section 4 (The Army)

  • Article XXIV: As before stated, every province needs to help the Caliphate in all of its wars.
  • Article XXV: The Royal Guards shall number no less than 2,000. The royal guard should be equipped with a sword and gun per person. The corps you There salary should be maximised, and they should always be appeased. The requirements should be set to the highest, and every member of the corps should have had already 10 years of experience in the light infantry.
  • Article XXVI: The light infantry should each be armed with a short sword and a long sword.
  • Article XXVII: The Special infantry should be armed with a gun and a sword. Special Infantry must be accompanied by a light infantry.
  • Article XXVIII: The cavalry should be armed with a horse and a sword, every member thereof.
  • Article XXIX: The irregulars shall be drafted wherever possible. The irregulars shall supply their own weapons, and collect loot as their payment. After war they should be disbanded.
  • Article XXX: Arabian Irregular shall be treated in the same way, but may continue micro-warfare if the war is over.
  • Article XXXI: The State shall employ a navy.

Section 5 (The Capitals)

  • Article XXXII: The State shall have three capitals thereof, each having special administrative status with the empire.
  • Article XXXIII: Mecca shall be the capital of our most divine religion. All major religious acts should proceed here, as should religious administration should be centred.
  • Article XXXIV: Medina shall be the monetary capital. All taxes shall be lead here.
  • Article XXXV: Jerusalem shall be our second capital, inhabited in the during every other year.

Section 6 (Territory)

  • XXXVI: All territory conquered by the provinces that will make their state too large shall go under direct administration of the government.
  • XXXVII: The territory of a province may be split, if so in accord to the Caliph.
  • XXXVIII: All non-contiguous territory that is not a province shall be administered by the state.

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