Imperial Ministry of Defence
Reichssministerium der Verteidigung
Reichsadler Reichsorgane
Agency overview
Formed 19211/19482
Jurisdiction Government of Germany
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Minister responsible Konrad Rumsfeld, Imperial Minister of Defense
Agency executives Christian Schmidt, Secretary of State
Thomas Kossendey, Secretary of State
1: As the Ministry of the Reichswehr, succeeding the Ministry of War of Prussia, the Ministry of War of Saxony, the Ministry of War of Bavaria, the Ministry of War of Württemberg and the Imperial Naval Office
2: As the Ministry of Defense (Reichsministerium für Verteidigung) in Germany[1]
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The Imperial Ministry of Defence (Reichsministerium der Verteidigung) is a ministry in the German Government. It is headquartered at Bendlerblock in Berlin, and has a second office in the Rossauer Kaserne building in Vienna.

During peacetime the Imperial Minister of Defense acts as the Commander-in-Chief of the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces, with around 2,197,432 active personnel, while in the state of defense the Kaiserin resumes her role as Commander-in-Chief.

The ministry has ca. 6,432 employees. Of these, 5,230 work in Bonn while ca. 1,200 work in the Rossauer Kaserne in Vienna.


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