Zhou Dynasty
CoA of Zhou Dynasty
Coat of arms
Wu Shenglong
Wu Shenglong Zhou
since 2001

Nation: New Chinese Imperial Flag China
Titles: Emperor/Empress of China
Holder of the Mandate of Heaven
Founder: Wu Zetian
Founded: 655 AD
Ethnicity: Han Chinese

The Chinese Imperial Family, the Zhou Dynasty or House of Zhou, sometimes also called House of Wu is the family group of close relatives of the Empress of China, Wu Zhou Shenglong. Most people in the line of succession hold the title of Prince or Princess. The Empress is styled "Her Imperial Majesty", the other members are styled "His or Her Imperial Highness", with the exception of thr Empress mother, Lin Shan and Emperor father Shao Zhou who are also styled "His and Her Imperial Majesty".


The current Chinese Imperial Family is the House of Zhou, the Zhou Dynasty founded by Wu Zetian, who was the first reigning Empress in China's history. She established the Zou Dynasty which was eventually destroyed by the Mongol Empire. The Yuan Dynasty was established by Kublai Khan and later the Ming and Qing by Hongwu and Shunzhi. The People's Republic of China was established in 1949 and collapsed very soon in 1951. The Empire of China was re-established by Shao Zhou in 1961. China began a rapid period of development and has become a full-fledged superpower.

Current members

  • His Imperial Majesty Emperor-father Shao Zhou and Her Imperial Majesty Empress Dowager Lin Shan.
    • Her Imperial Majesty The Empress of China Wu Shenglong and His Imperial Highness Emperor consort Zhao Shang
    • His Imperial Highness Prince Wu Li
  • His Imperial Highness Princess Song Zhou
  • Empress Wu Shenglong
  • Emperor father Shao Zhou
  • Emperor consort Zhao Shang
  • Empress dowager Lin Shan
  • Prince Wu Li

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