Imperial Crown of China

The version of the Imperial Crown Emperor Shao Zhou wore on his coronation

The Imperial Crown of China, also called the Dragon Crown, is the crown with which the Emperor or Empress of China is crowned. There is no single Imperial Crown, most Emperors and Empresses have had one made for their coronation. The Emperor or Empress does not typically wear this crown, as it is seen as a hindrance or quite heavy to wear on one's head. The most common crown is a tall one, with pearls dangling from it; though some monarchs have opted to use other crowns, this crown is called the Mianguan (Chinese: 冕冠).

Former Emperors or Empresses are also allowed to wear a similar crown, as is their spouse.

  • An elderly Empress Wu Zetian wearing a version of the Imperial Crown
  • Empress Dowager Lin Shan wearing a crown similar to the Imperial Crown