Imperial Cabinet Electoral Convention
31st Imperial Convention
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Unicameral
Premier of Han Ma Yingjiu, GJD
since 7th July 2011
Caucus leaders Ma Yingjiu (GJD)
Rose Cai (HPDF)
Jin Tianlong (OEP)
Jie Huiguo (NSU)
Wang Lihuang (EPP)
Ai Yanjiao (NCP)
since 7th July 2016
Established 21 July 1861
Members 2381
Political groups Majority (1162)
  HPDF (1162)

Minority parties (1219)
   GJD (694)
  OEP (294)
  NSU (101)
  EPP (124)
  NCP (6)
Voting system Personalised proportional representation
Last election 7th — 21st July 2016
31st Imperial Convention
Meeting place
Great Hall of the Empire, Chang'an

The Imperial Cabinet Electoral Convention (Hanyu: 皇族內閣選舉公約, Hanyu pinyin: Huángzú nèigé xuǎnjǔ gōngyuē; abbr. ICEC), commonly known in English as the Imperial Convention, is the Han governmental institution responsible for the appointment of the twenty-member Imperial Cabinet of Han and the Premier of Han. The Convention is elected every five years, six months before the end of the outgoing Cabinet's term. The Convention meets for a period of two weeks, during which it holds Cabinet elections. Nominees are put forward by the political parties represented in the Convention, and once the members of the Cabinet are appointed, the Premier is chosen from the new Cabinet members.

Members of the Convention are elected through personalised proportional representation, and consists of one member from each of the constituencies in the Empire; as of the latest elections 2526 constituencies exist.

The 31st Convention is currently meeting, and it will conclude on 21 July.