"Imperial Federation" was in the mind of the British politics for all the time, for its aim to keep the Empire together and forever. However, the British Government was still in doubt whether to establish a world-wide federation across the globe were too hard to govern.

As its came, the British Empire eventually collapse after World War II and the thing that came after the British Empire is the Commonwealth of Nations, which is still a loosely organization for the former British Imperial territories.

- What if the idea of the Imperial Federation and the Commonwealth of Nations are to be combined. what results it could be?

Here are the answer..

Point of Divergence

Joseph Chamberlain, Secretary of State for the Colonies, has proposed the Imperial Parliament and create the custom union at the 1897 Colonial Conference before Queen Victoria and other secretaries of the self-governing colonies of the British Empire. The conference anonymously agreed on this proposal and eventually set the plans up for the the new Imperial Federation.

Chamberlain made a promise to all the colonies to give them rights for self-governing. The Irish seems not fond on this proposal and tried to declare their independence from the United Kingdom and the British Empire to

Joseph Chamberlain

Joseph Chamberlain, Secretary for the Colonies.

create its own "self-governing" state. The British eventually crushed the rebels then made a promise that if the Irish were to agree to stay with the United Kingdom for years, the Government might gave partial-to-full independence within the Imperial Federation, which the majority of the Irish people and the members of the provisional government anonymously agree on this proposal.

It was set to finish by the year of 1937, when the colonies has already made an agreement on Balfour Declaration and Statute of Westminster. King George Vi called on every politicians across the Empire to agree on this Treaty, where there all accepted. The Treaty of Manchester was signed by the dominions of Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Newfoundland, along with the colonial secretaries from India, the colonies in Africa, as well as the Caribbeans and South East Asia. Imperial Federation was officially formed on the day of 28th April, 1938.

After World War II, every corner of the British Federation called for their independence. The British Government, however, still fond and believe in Chamberlain's plan for the Federation, tried an alternative way to gave them quasi-independence while remaining part of the Federation. Prime Minister Attlee decided to rearrange the system within the federation. By gave every colonies "quasi-independent" while remaining part of the Imperial "Commonwealth of Nations". Every countries who is ruled by the Monarch of the United Kingdom are to be called as the Imperial commonwealth realm (or unofficially "Crown Republics"). The 1949 Prime Ministers conference, which took place in London, made an official declaration for the reconstitution of the Imperial Federation into the "Imperial Commonwealth of Nations". (somewhat of the OTL Commonwealth of Nations) in 1949.

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