Formation of Area 2

In 569 a.t.m., Augustin II of Mexico sent 6 thousand troops to conquer the caribbean islands which at that time were mostly European colonies. Augustin trusted Commander Bocanegra to lead the conquest, In august 570 a.t.m. Bocanegra had already captured all of the islands and pulled back all the european navies. Bocanegra quickly started negotiations with the Europeans powers; the negotiations ended almost immediately for the European nations could not afford a large scale war with the Mexican Empire. Commander Bocanegra returned victorious to the capital, he was greeted as a war hero and named the 2nd Knight of the Imperial Court. In early 572 a.t.b. the territories were named Area 2 and became a Reforming Area under the control of the 2nd Knight of the Imperial Court, Commander Bocanegra.

Mexican Empire by 572 a.t.m


Area 3 Capital of Bocanegra

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