Imperial Administrative Area 1

Timeline: [[1896
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Nueva Vienna
Largest city Maurecia
Spanish (official)
  others German
Population 2,502,000
Independence 496a.t.m.
Currency Amero

Formation of Area 1

The Imperial Administrative Area 1 was formed in 571 a.t.m. after Emperor Augustin II of Mexico sent more than 10,000 troops in command of General Francisco Villa to conquer the weak central American countries, by January, 571 a.t.m general Villa had conquered the former countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras,Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and the islands adjacent to them. A debate about who would govern the newly conquered territories led to the Order of Administration which merged all territories into one territory and named it "Imperial Administrative Area 1", it also created a system which led all branches of the Imperial government have jurisdiction over the territory at one point or the other.


General Villa's Conquest of Guatemala

Reformation & Developing

When the Area was established as such, the Mexican Empire immediately started to reconstruct the territory. Infrastructure projects and the new focus on industry in the area made it economically independent in a short time, and thus achieved the status of a Developing Area now under the control of the Imperial Parliament.In 577a.t.m., Area 1 was one step a way from becoming a Satellite nation and being self-governant, It was already governed by a vicerroy, however after the so-called "War of Infamy" the Area was downgraded to the Reformation stage and was once more in control of the Imperial Court, It wasn't until March 23, 595 a.t.m. that Area 1 became a Satellite nation under the control of Vicerroy Cornelius.

The Cornelian Rule

From 595 a.t.m. to 625 a.t.b. Area 1 was ruled by Vicerroy Cornelius, During this time period Area 1 grew at an enormous rate. the population almost tripled from 571 a.t.m. to 620 a.t.m., from a population of 2.5 million to 7.3 million, and the economy also grew almost just as much with agriculture being the most profitable industry in the area, more than 45% of the population owned farms while the rest worked in industrial areas in the north region of area 1. In 578 a.t.m. the United States, in order to obtain the rights to construct the Panama canal, dispatched warships along the coasts of Colombia and aided Panama gain independance.However, one of those warships came too close to the coast of Area 1 while an Imperial navy exercise was in process. The Mexican Navy opened fire on the U.S. navy and sunk the ship, all the U.S. marines on board died. Vicerroy Cornelius was sent a letter from the U.S. embassador in the Mexico damnding that he punish the commander responsable for the attack and that he formally apologize to the United States, Cornelius felt insulted by this, for he thought the U.S. should be the one to apologize, and ask the Imperial parliament to declare war to the United States. Emperor Augustin supported war with the United States and so did the Knights of the Imperial court, However the Imperial parliament denied the proposal and solved the dispute through Diplomacy.

Four years later in 582 a.t.m. there was another inccident involving U.S. troops engaging in combat with the Imperial Army in northen Mexico. However the Imperial congress tried to calm down the empire which has been pushing for war since the U.S. warship inccident in the coast of Area 1.

U.S. warship after being sunk by the royal navy

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