Impact Day took place on May 18th, 1961, and was one of the most destructive events in human history. It happened when a three-mile long asteroid struck several miles south of Berlin, and destroyed much of Europe. The shock wave is estimated to have traveled around the earth as many as 27 times, and did damage as far as Jakarta.

The Impact

Although estimates vary, it is generally agreed the asteroid landed at about 3:54 PM. The explosion caused as much damage as a 100 megaton nuclear weapon - or possibly greater. Much of East Germany was wiped out, as well as parts of West Germany, Belgium, the USSR, and several other countries. The crater formed was almost 80 miles across, and is as deep as two miles in some places.

Immediate effects

Across the world, millions died, cities were collapsed, and entire regions destabilized. The USSR was forced to occupy East Germany, as much of the country was ruined. Within a day of the impact, earthquakes erupted across the earth, notably the West coast Aftershock, which destroyed many cities across America's west coast. A enormous cloud of debris was thrown into the sky, blacking out the sky in portions of East Germany.

Long term Effects

Within the following months and years, environmental disasters caused by the Impact ran rampant throughout the world. These included overall global warming, destructive storms and earthquakes - and more. Within a few years, several major governments would collapse, and be replaced. Including the long term effects, the impact was the most destructive event in human history.

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