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Imeretian war of independence

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Imeretian war of independence


Georgian Tanks Pushing into Adjara

Date 10 October 2019– 14 March 2020
Location Georgia, Adjara, Svaneti, Samegrelo
  • Allied Victory
  • West Georgian Alliance formed


  • Georgia loses control over Svaneti and Guria regions
  • New nations of Imeretia and Samegrelo

30px Imereti

30px Georgia


Regions of Imereti, Samegrelo, Svaneti and Racha where angered by decision to join Eurasian Union, Protests Began in Zugdidi and Kutaisi. Dictator of Georgia sent troops to stop protests and Kutaisi massacres occured. Ex-Prime minister, Giorgi Kvirikashvili and Bagrationi Family, Who fled to Imeretia, Decided that it was time to Declare Independence. On 10 october 2019, Kingdom of Imeretia and republic of Samegrelo were proclaimed, Racha, Guria and South Svaneti Joined Imereti, While North Svaneti joined Samegrelo.


This time russia decided not to intervene, Since NATO and UN warned them not to get involved. Adjarian Forces pushed into Samtskhe-Javakheti from west And Imereti pushed from North. Samegrelo attacked Abkhazia, and Annexed Gali region. Imereti Advanced into central Georgia but UN Brokered a Ceasefire and war Stopped.

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