This is a gallery of photos I use in You Are Here. Some of them are what they are in OTL, some of them, I use for a different purpose. Also, some of them were completely made by me. Hope you enjoy seeing what I have done! :)

Images of People

Fidel Castro US Army

This was an OTL image of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro fighting in the Cuban Revolution. Here, they are shown ATL bringing American forces to victory in Saigon after defeating North Vietnam in the brief Indochinese Civil War.

Senator Castro

This was an OTL image of Fidel Castro speaking to Cubans. Here, he is shown ATL campaigning for reelection in Havana.

Oswald Mosley

OTL Oswald Mosley fighting for the BUF. In ATL, he is making a declaration of War on France by England.

Images of Places

Ottoman Masjid

OTL the Hungarian Parliament building. In ATL, it is a Masjid in the Ottoman Empire.

OTL Sacramento. In ATL, this is the entrance to Concord, Alaska, a major point of entry to Alaska and a commercial, financial, and population hub.

Images of Things

This is a picture (OTL) of Soviets during one of the numerous Soviet-Afghan Wars. Here, in ATL, it is a picture of Russian troops passing the Carpathian Mountains in the Invasion of Poland. Not like the USSR exists in YAH anyways. No Soviet-Afghan Wars either. Go Russians!

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