'Ills Normandes Collectivité Federale'
Timeline Independence Movement
OTL equivalent Islands Channel Islands + Chausey .

San Pierre Port, Guernsey (court house)

San Anné, Aurigny (government house)

Official Languages Fully-recognised: French, Jerrais, Portuguese. Partially-recognised: English, Welsh (Gaelic), Polish.
Government Collectivite Federale, within a Federal Republic.
President Francois Hollonde, (as President of France)
Prime Duc

Jack Le Saux, Minister of Island Affairs of the French Republic

Established 2 April 2005

Collectivity Flag of Ills Normandes.

Norman Iles or Ills Normandes, officially the Collectivité Federale d'Ills Normandes, is a Collectivity of France located in the English Channel coast of France. It consists of three 'Bailliage', equivalent to bourghs, Bailliage Jerriais, Bailliage Gournais and Bailliage Chausais. The Ills Normandes is made up of what was called The Channel Islands under British rule, plus the French Island of Chausey.

Growing independence movements within the Channel Islands aiming to preserve the culture and heritage of the islands led to a UK government referendum in February 2004 with the Ills residents voting 84% Independence, 10% unsure, 6% continued British rule. The Norman Iles became a republic in March 2004. The first ever election voted for local Labour politician Jack Le Saux, whose policies were full-EU membership and compulsory Normand and Jèrriais lessons at schools. Jack Le Saux's opponents were Conservative politician Marcus van Feud and Green Party candidate Barry Hausworth. Just one year later France announced plans to capture the Norman Iles in what they described as a 'liberation of the Normans'. On April 2, 2005, Ills Normandes became a 'Collectivité Federale' of the French Republic. In March 2008 a second election took place, Jack Le Saux - now an Independent candidate, and Glyn Harriot - a Green Party candidate, lost out to Marcus van Feud - A Liberal Democrat candidate. In March 2012 the incumbent election took place, Jack Le Saux being elected for a second time in three elections, ahead of Conservative candidate Marcus van Feud and Green Party candidate Chelsee Murray.

French president Nicholas Sarkozy incorporated Chausey - geographically a part of the Ills - into the Collectivité, on behalf of Normandes Prime Duc Marcus van Feud, in 2010. - creating the state as it exists currently.

Religion: 60% Roman Catholic, 20% Protestant, 10% Atheist 5% Baptist, 5% Other

Racial Makeup of Population: Normandes Islander 50.4%, French 13.6%, British 10%, Portuguese 10%, Polish 8.4%, Welsh 7%, Other 0.6%.

Founding Date: 1 March 2004, Independent from Britain  2 April 2005, Collectivity of French Republic

OTL Borders: Channel Islands and Cherbourg France


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