World in late 1939 improved 2

The World in 1939. The Four Great Empires. Germany in black, Italy in green, Japan in red and Soviet Union in orange.

The year is 1939. Germany, Italy and Japan have just formed an alliance known as the Axis. Germany's next move is to conquer Poland. Germany signs a treaty with Russia so that when Germany conquers Poland half of Poland will belong to Russia and half to Germany. Stalin: "Though I have no plans to form an alliance with an Empire as ignorant as Germany, the Eastern half of Poland rightfully belongs to Russia."

Europe and Asia at war

It is now 1940. After the defeat of Poland, Germany's next move was to conquer France and Belgium. Germany did just that. Germany divided France in half. There was German occupied France, and Vichy France. A new German puppet state. Meanwhile, Asia is fighting a war of their own. Japan has now conquered Vietnam and made Thailand a puppet state. Japan also continues to take over more of China. Meanwhile in Europe, Italy annexes Switzerland and conquers Greece.

German and Japanese expansion

The year is now 1941. Japan's plan is to take over all of Southeast Asia. By 1943 they had succeded in doing so. Meanwhile in Europe, Germany conquers the Netherlands and sends an ultimatum to Denmark and Norway. Norway, feeling pressured from the ultimatum, joins the Axis and becomes another one of Germany's puppet states. While Denmark prepares for a German invasion. All the while, Great Britain is secretly sending tons of supplies to Denmark. Japan conquers the Philippenes. Germany invades Denmark, and conquers it.

Germany unleashes it's true potential

1942. Germany invades Yugoslavia. An easy victory for the Reich. Feeling pressured, Hungary and Bulgaria both join the Axis and as a result, become German puppet states. Meanwhile in Asia, Japan conquers Indonesia and Malaysia. Germany invades Egypt. Germany's new Technology secured them an easy victory in conquering Egypt. Germany also conquers Algeria and Congo.

Italian expansion and the formation of the Allies

It is now 1943. Italy annexes Madagascar. Great Britain's Winston Churchill plans a new alliance between countries that want to put an end to German, Italian and Japanese expansion known as the Allies. Great Britain, the United States, China, Canada, Australia and New Zealand join. Japan's Hideki Tojo immediately hears about this new alliance and demands that Japan quickly conquer the rest of China before other "allies" assist them against us.

The tables refuse to turn

Churchill: "We must defeat but three Empires." The Allies plan is to liberate countries under Italian rule first. But just when the allies believe they have only three enemies, Russia starts to expand their Empire by conquering Mongolia. This not only deeply upsets the Allies, but upsets Japan as well. Hideki Tojo announces: "We have a new enemy." Meanwhile Italy conquers Tunisia, expanding their Empire in Africa.

The Allies get involved

The Americans land in Madagascar and liberate it from Italian tyranny. This upsets Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, who meet each other in Rome to discuss the matter. Hitler states "The only way we can defeat this new monster is to gain more allies." Hitler sends an ultimatum to the USA and Great Britain warning of the consequences if the Allies step foot in German occupied countries in Africa. The Allies ignore Hitler's ultimatum and attempt to liberate Algeria.

The tables begin to turn

The year is now 1944. Intense battling rages in Africa between Allies and Germans. Secretly, Germany is building a super weapon. The Blitzkrieg Bomb, a powerfull bomb that can destroy entire countries when dropped. But Germany can only hope that the bomb arrives in time. The Allies liberate Algeria, but at a cost. Many Americans and British dead. Meanwhile in Asia, the whole of China is now under Japanese control. Churchill: "Out of all our enemies, the Japanese will be the hardest to defeat."

Unstopable Japan

The Allies still focus on Africa. Meanwhile, Japan invades India. The Allies liberate Tunisia and Ethiopia. Japan conquers the whole of India and is heading for the Middle East. Meanwhile in Europe, Italy conquers Turkey. The year is now 1945. Japan conquers Iran. After a very long campaign, the Allies liberate Egypt. Japan conquers Iraq, as if it were easy.

Anyone's game

The Allies finally liberate Congo. Africa is free. But now there is a new Axis member, Saudi Arabia. Feeling pressure from the ever expanding Japanese Empire, Saudi Arabia joins the Axis and is ordered by Japan to conquer Ethiopia for the Axis. Saudi Arabia does just that. Hitler is pleased that the Axis has a new member and sends an ultimatum to Spain, demmanding Spain join the Axis. Spain, an already nationalist country, joins. As an order from Germany, Spain conquers Portugal.

Can the Allies pull it off?

"The odds are stacked against us. Too many powerfull enemies. But they underestimate us." Churchill states. Spain conquers Colombia. Saudi Arabia continues to conquer much of the Middle East. The year is now 1946, and Spain continues to expand their Empire in South America. The Allies liberate Ethiopia. Africa will remain free. The Allies next move is to liberate France and liberate Europe. Meanwhile, Russia officially joins the Allies.

Russia saves the World

Russia, now a member of the Allies, takes the other half of Poland. This upsets Hitler, who officially declares war on Russia. Russia catches Germany off guard and takes Norway and Denmark. The Germans are truly purplexed. Germany has no idea where the Allies will strike next, and while Germany moves all its troops to the East to defend the advancing Russians, this is the perfect opportunity for the Allies to liberate France.

Germany is out of the war

The Allies liberate France and Belgium. Now the Germans are getting sandwiched. Meanwhile, Russia starts another campaign, the liberation of Turkey. The weak Italian army is no match for the advancing Soviets. Turkey is conquered by Russia. After a long battle, Czechoslovakia is conquered by Russia as well. Greece and Albania are liberated by British forces. The year is now 1947. Russia conquers Austria and the British liberate Yugoslavia. Much of Germany itself is in ruins by now from constant bombing raids. The German Military surrenders, no longer led by Hitler who fled into exile. Spain surrenders as well.

Burying the Axis

After Germany's surrender, Hitler fled to Italy. But now even Italy surrenders to the Allies. Hitler is assassinated. All that's left of the Axis is Japan and Saudi Arabia. The Allies head into the Middle East. There, the Saudi Arabians surrender. There is no Axis anymore. Just Japan. Hideki Tojo: "We have lost all of our allies. So, we must fight for them. We will conquer the world for our defeated allies. They helped us, now we avenge them."

The World vs. Japan

The Allies land in India. And the Russians are invading China. Fierce battles between Russian and Japanese forces for China continue. Hideki Tojo makes a decision to pull most Japanese troops out of India into China to defend the unstopable Russians. This may be Japan's one mistake in the war, and their biggest. Because of Tojo's decision, The Allies are able to take India and advance into Indochina. The Allies' goal is to give Indochina back to the French once liberated. Even Tojo's reinforcements can't stop the Red army. Most of China is liberated by Russia. Only the far East of China remains under Japanese control. Thailand is liberated, but little did the Allies know that Japan kept most of their forces in Vietnam. It will be a challenge.

Defeating Japan

The year is now 1948. Russia has now liberated the whole of China. Allies continue to battle with Japanese forces in Vietnam. Allied forces land in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Allied forces in Vietnam leave to Southeast Asia and let the Russians handle Vietnam. Russians conquer Vietnam. Now Russian forces will assist allies in Southeast Asia. The Allies take Malaysia and Indonesia. Continuous battling goes on between Allies and Japanese forces in the Philippenes. Russian forces enter Japan while Allies continue in the Philippenes. The Philippines is finally liberated. Now Allies will assist Russia in defeating Japan.

The War is over

Allied forces take Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Russians take the whole of Hokkaido and Aomori. The Japanese Army is very weak now, but refuses to surrender. Hideki Tojo resigns as Prime Minister. Russians take Niigata. The year is now 1949. Russians take Sendai. Allies take Matsue. Before the Allies can get to Tokyo, Japan surrenders. The War is over. Allies make Japan a Republic and remove Emperor Hirohito. Allies also take the power to wage war away from Japan, Italy and Germany. Russia makes most of the countries it liberated a part of it's Empire, which the Allies were okay with. This makes much of Europe and Asia a part of Russia.

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