Rapper Nasir Jones, also known as Nas, was about to finish recording his famed album, Illmatic, before getting shot to death along with his friend and only feature on the album, AZ



June 9 - Nas, outside his studio, along with AZ, DJ Premier, and Pete Rock, is shot in the head twice by a man named Orlando Anderson (famous for shooting Tupac Shakur, another rapper in OTL). AZ is also killed by a bullet to his right lung. Pete Rock is wounded with a bullet to the jaw, ending his rap career, and DJ Premier is wounded.

June 10 - National media coverage, due to DJ Premier and Pete Rock being famous, makes Nas and AZ briefly famous

June 11 - DJ Premier nearly dies in surgery

June 14 - An unreleased track, NY State Of Mind, is released, gaining much fame

June 16 - Another track, One Love, is released.

June 18 - All of Nas' recordings are lost in a fire

June 24 - Pete Rock has tongue cut off in surgery. Pete Rock and CL Smooth release part of what was their next album as a 5 song EP, The Main Ingredient.

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