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Pays d'Illinois; Illinois Country
Frilflag.png Fleur-de-lis.jpg
Largest city Chicago
{{{languages_type}}} English; French (official)
Government Unitary Republic (Federal Entity)
 -  Governor Patrick Quinn; Democratic
 -  Lieutenent Governor <None>
 -  Speaker of the House Michael D. Madigan; Democratic
Legislature General Assembly of the Illinois Country
Revolutionary War from the Quebec
 -  Independence Declared January 5, 1790 
 -  Joins Union August 10, 1790 
 -  2000 census 34,968,023 
Currency United States dollar ($)

The Illinois Country is the second largest state in the USA by population and the third by land area. It was created when the Illinois country was partitioned between itself and Ohio, to increase French-speaking representation in the Second Estate, but today is evenly split between English and French-speakers. Its coastal areas are dominated by liberals, and its inland by conservatives, making it a crucial battleground state. The governor is currently Patrick Quinn, Democrat.

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