Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Illinois
Flag of Illinikew Seal of Illinikew
Flag Seal
Capital Cahokia
Largest city Cahokia
Other cities TBD
Language Mississippian, French
Religion Catholicism, Southern Cult
Ethnic Group Mississippian
Demonym Illinikewian
Government Enlightened Monarchy with Méritekratic Beuaracracy
  legislature Grand Council
Great Chief Yoskeha
  Royal house: of Antinanco
Population TBD 
Established 1583
Independence from Mississippian Confederation
Illinikew is a large Borealian state located along the Mississippia River. The official successor of the ill-fated Mississippian Confederation, Illinikew was the only land that remained explicitly loyal to the House of Antinanco.


See Also: History of Mississippia

Pre- 1583

Reign of Yoskeha

The Reign of Yoskeha officially began...


The government of Illinikew is led by both the Great Chief of Illinikew, currently Yoskeha, and the Grand Council, which is the descendent of the Mississippian concept of méritekratos, which was the idea of government by the most able members of society.


Based upon trading and farming and stuffs


Based upon Mississippian culture, Illinikew now holds a unique spot in Borealia between the Lower Mississippian cultures and the more northern cultures around the Gichigami.


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